Friday, October 17, 2008

Concert at The Music Ranch

We have this little venue called 'The Music Ranch.' Phil, the owner, decided he wanted a concert/bar/hall type venue, so he built it on the way Northside part of town. We do concerts for the station there, as well as hold our Christmas party. Tunie even got married there, earlier this year.
Anyway, Keith Anderson came to town and performed for us this past Tuesday (10/14). These events are fun, but they are work, lol.

T, J, and R welcoming the listeners and introducing Keith Anderson.
Keith and bandmate whose name I can't recall, lol.

I figured it was going to be an interesting night when some women started cat-calling him and shouting, "Hey, sexy!" It got even more crazy during the autograph section when a couple women lifted up part of their shirts and had him sign their bras! His response? "You mean I get to sign your boob?!"

The kicker, though, was when one women walked up, pulled down part of her mini-skirt, and had him sign her butt cheek! I was standing next to Mike, at the time, and he goes, "Is she really doing what I think she's doing?" I was like, "Yes, and, to answer your next question.... no, she is not wearing any panties!"

During the actual concert, those of us from the station hung outside. We could hear the concert, but it wasn't so crowded.... inside was packed. It was a really nice night, too. The funny thing is that the concert part is pretty much the only chance we have to sit down and chill for a minute, because as you read above, it gets a little crazy once the concert is over and autographs start!

J and I... J is one of my very good friends at the station, lol. She left early to put her baby to bed and then texted me (which I was still handling the autograph line) about how good "The Mentalist" was, lol.

E ... He's in sales and the guy who cooks for all of our events.

E's wife, A. A is super sweet and always gets dragged into working these events.

Tunie's husband, Mike. If you ever meet Mike, he's got the driest, strangest sense of humor. Most people do not know how to take him, at all. He's great, though. When Tunie is running around like a chicken with her head cut off, he usually sticks pretty close to me and makes a running commentary of everything going on, lol.
Tunie refused to have her picture taken, so none of her. :(

At the very end of the night (after about 150 autographs and pics), I remembered to get my own pic..... I have actually forgotten before, lol......

Keith Anderson and Jess

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