Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun at the Radio Ranch

Every now and then, someone cool comes to the station. Thursday, we had a visit from Darius Rucker.... he used to be the lead singer of 'Hootie and the Blowfish.' Now, he's got a country album out.

I worked at CPE all day and he was set to arrive around 2. He cohosted the last hour of J's show and then hung out at the station to meet people. I got off of work at 3 and went straight there.

He was super nice. Very down-to-earth. We chatted for a few minutes, trying to one-up each other to see who was more addicted to TV. I always liked 'Hootie' and I enjoy Darius' single, but now I really like him.
He's also tall.... I was wearing 3 inch heels.

While I was there, Jenna came into work. She was wearing a new dress and I was wearing my new heels (which were completely killing my feet, btw).... which meant we were both looking cute and I had my camera! Usually we both come in looking like scrubs (mainly, b/c it's Sunday and no one else is there) or one of us will look nice. But, never both of us, so we decided to document it, lol.

We tried to ask C, but he was on the phone.
Which made us sad......

Then we remembered M, from Sales, who had complimented both of us on how cute we were. So, we ran over to the other side of the building to see if she was still there (it was like 5:45pm, so the building was pretty empty)....

I adore M. She is so sweet. AND, she agreed to take a picture of us!

I actually am not totally fond of this picture of me... but, it was what we could get, lol. Check out the shoes! Also, keep in mind that we walked the lake about two hours later, so the cuteness didn't last much longer, lol.

A while later, JJ (one of my most favorite people there) came into work and I was still in a mood to take silly pictures. The first one was blurry and he was being stupid in the second, lol.....

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