Friday, October 17, 2008

A Morning with my girls....

While cleaning out our old house a week or so ago, I came across some toys that I thought that Emma and Abby would like. They are my friend, Meg's, neices. Meg and I went to school together for 13 years. Her older sister, Mia, has Evan, Emma, and Abby. I've become good friends with Mia over the years, too... she's somewhat like the big sister I don't have. And, since Heidi's kids are so far away, they get to be my surrogate neices and nephew! I babysit them quite frequently.

I had some time this week, so I called Mia and asked if it would be alright to come over Wednesday morning (10/15). She was all for it, so I packed up the goodies and headed over there.

(FYI - Evan was at school and was being very mature about the fact that his sisters got "Miss Jessica" time without him.)

Abby wasn't feeling well and wanted "Cuh" the whole time. She was a Miss Jessica's girl... not even Mommy would do (thanks for the love Abby!)

"Cuh.... ahnt you. Ahnt you, Cuh."

Yay!!! I have my Miss Jessica!!!

...... If I don't look at you, then I can pretend that I don't hear you.

What do you mean I'm not supposed to stand on the chair?

Emma was sooooo excited over her new Cinderella doll that she didn't even want to take pictures! She usually loves it when I bring the camera over (they also like my camera phone), but she wanted no part.

"Emma, smile for Miss Jessica."..... "Miss Jessica, can you hold on? I'm trying to get her shoes on!"

Then, she wanted me to take pictures of her new friends, lol....

Along with taking pics on my camera, the girls have always LOVED my shoes. In fact, I'm usually ordered to take my shoes off as soon as I walk in the door. I'm not sure if they do this to other people, but they've always walked around in my shoes.

Finally, Emma wanted in on the picture action......

"Emma.... who's my most favorite Emma in the whole wide world?"..... "Emma Suzanne."


Don said...

I love it...can't wait to show the girls. Talk to you soon!

Don said... that was really Mia commenting, I thought it was a shared account!