Tuesday, October 21, 2008

STINKY feet and late night hilarity

We ate dinner tonight and as the boys were getting ready for bed, poor Anthony took off his shoes. WHOAH!!!! Those suckers were nasty. He thought it was hysterical and proceeded to chase everyone around the house, making them smell his feet.

He tried to pin me down and stick his feet in my face, to no avail.

Noah literally almost passed out.

.... Then, he decided to get revenge!!

Somehow, it turned into a game of, let's hang upside down.

Since I had the camera out, Bella wanted to take pictures. I got one really good one, then she thought it was funny to pick her nose while I took the picture. The more I tried to stop her, the funnier she thought it was, lol.

Once the boys were asleep, Bella was WIRED. She kept running across the house to me, "OPEN WIDE" and jump in my arms. I started calling her my Bella-Boo, which she thought was fabulous. I turned into "Princess-Boo."

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