Monday, October 20, 2008

New Mexico, here I come!!

About 6 weeks ago, I was at my limit with Florida, summer, and life, in general. So, one night while I was working, I booked a trip to Albuquerque, NM to visit my cousin Heidi and her family.
Then, I realized that I booked it during a week that I was supposed to be feeding my boss' cats and I had to do Coffee Klatch for the station.

So, I immediately re-booked a flight for mid-October, after making sure that nothing conflicted.

The time has come and after a busy weekend, I left on a jet plane.

When I got to the airport, the whole gang was there to greet me.

Yay!!!!! I'm here!!!!

Heidi driving and Noah right next to me.

Mike (Heidi's husband) and their son Anthony (who shares my birthday).... their daughter Bella was right behind me.

We were all hungry, so we went to Heidi and I's favorite place to eat when we're together (well, one of our favorites... we have many).... Red Lobster!!

The girl at the front actually got a lobster out for the kids to pet. To which Bella said, "I don't wanna."

Bella wanted to sit next to me.

Heidi and I LOVE the endless shrimp special every Fall, lol. We could eat our weight in coconut shrimp.

Poor Mike can't stand seafood. Hence, the reason Heidi loves for me to come and visit.

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