Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm very irritated, right now.

We're doing a promotion with a fairly big company. I sent in the proposal about two months ago.

Well, Monday morning, I get tickets in the mail from said company. Apparently, the promotion got approved.... only, they neglected to tell us that. I immediately ran upstairs to my office to pull up the proposal to see when this was supposed to run.

6/5 - 6/19.

Whew.... Still cutting things close, because this company requires approval on EVERYTHING. But, at least the promotion wasn't supposed to already be running.

I spent about an hour on Monday writing up production orders and getting all my little ducks in a row, so that everyone would have a couple days to get things done. Even if they waited until Wednesday, I'd still have time to get it approved.

Well, the week goes on and I start getting things turned in and approved. Looks like we're good to go.

Then, about 45 minutes ago, I get a call from our Traffic Director. She had a question about the Time Order I turned in.

It was a rather inane question, but I answered it.

Then, I started thinking.....

Why is she asking me a question about an order that was supposed to start about 15 hours ago?

I went into the two studios that this promotion affected to look at the logs.

It was nowhere on there.

That's effing fabulous.

The promos that were supposed to be running all day today, never ran. At best, they'll start running tomorrow. That's if she puts it in correctly.

I haven't yelled. I calmly went to my computer and started typing a blog.

I would chalk it up to a simple human error (we all make them). However, she's done this to 3 other people in the past 2 weeks.

I'm seriously annoyed, right now. If my graphics and IT people.... and the promo production people... can get all of their stuff together in 3 1/2 days, then she should be able to log it in during that time.


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