Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ice Skating, Baseball, and more

Work was so crazy this week! We're gearing up for our Fall Book (ratings period), so I'm about to pull my hair out. I ended up coming in early and staying late, more than once, throughout the week.

I did, however, manage to squeeze in some fun!

On Wednesday, I met my friend Susan for lunch. Susan and I met during her first year as a teacher.... I subbed for her a couple times. Then, she went on maternity leave when she had her ADORABLE twins. I subbed for her class for 12 weeks... I loved those kids. Besides her trusting me with "our kids" for that length of time and then seeing her around school, we also worked together when I did another long-term assignment for 6 weeks last Dec/Jan.

Anyway, she took a virtual teaching job this year and I have my new(ish) job, so we are able to meet for real lunch. By real lunch, I mean one that is more than 20 mins long and doesn't include a cafeteria full of 2nd and 3rd graders, lol.

I had such a lovely time catching up!

An annual tradition in my town on Labor Day Weekend is 'Disney On Ice.' Every year, they begin a tour in our city..... they use our local arena for their rehearsals. I LOVED going as a kid and have managed to go a few times since becoming an adult. I still love it, lol.

Part of the perks of the job is getting to promote things like this. We received tons of DOI goodies and had leftovers. What was I to do but gift some of my favorite kids? I treated Evan, Emma, and Abby (and, their mom Mia) to the show. We had such a great time!

One of the cutest moments?..... When I first got to their house, they were just sitting down to dinner. I put their gift bags on the couch and went in to join them. Emma finished first and was instructed to go to her room to get changed for the show. As she started walking towards the living room, I quietly started counting down.... 5.... 4.... 3... "What are you doing?" Mia asked....2..... 1.... *GASP* from Emma. LOL, she walked slowly back into the dining room...."Miss Jessica... who are those presents for? Us?"

She was SOOOO patient waiting for her siblings to be ready, so they could all open them together. Poor Evan was so nervous about all the loot that I had to explain to him that it's part of my job to get the goodies and find "cool kids" to give them to.

Emma and I waiting for the show to start. She wore those ears and held Minnie for the ENTIRE show.

Abby, Minnie, and I waiting for the show to start.

They were so fun to watch! They loved it! The show itself was great, as well. I just adore Disney. Earlier in the month, we all went to Disney Live! at the same complex. That was great, too, but there is nothing like 'Disney on Ice.'

As much as Evan enjoyed it, the girls couldn't stop talking about it. Well, until they got in the car and promptly fell asleep, lol.

Out for the count.....

Asleep and STILL wearing the ears and holding tightly to Minnie.

Evan getting silly, for a minute, lol.

Another perk of the job is getting to go to the occasional Rays game. We do a lot of promotion with them, so we were offered a suite for tonight's game. There also happened to be a Beach Boys concert after the game.

I was actually kind of excited, lol. They are legends, in their own right. Plus, as a full-fledged 'Full House' devotee, I love me some Beach Boys. I can name, off the top of my head, at least 3 episodes that they were in. Secretly, I hoped that John Stamos/Uncle Jesse would be with them tonight, lol.

I knew that I knew a lot of Beach Boys songs. However, I didn't realize just how many songs there were or how many I knew until tonight. Dear heavens, they have quite the playlist!

The view of the field, from our suite.....

E and I....

LA and I

Billie Jo and I, waiting for the concert to start.

M, R, and a few others joined all of us. They were too wrapped up in the game to take pictures, though, lol.

I plan on chilling Sunday.... I have to work part of Monday. Hopefully, the work week won't be too insane.

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