Saturday, September 19, 2009

New hair and a concert at The Music Ranch

This week has been INSANE! Dear heavens, lol.

A few things, maybe worth mentioning (or not, lol).....

1) I got a haircut!

I already had one scheduled and thought I needed a change, as I mentioned last week. It had basically been the same cut (just varying lengths) for about 3 years. Now, it's a little less layered and more of a bob. I really like it..... I'm still trying to figure out how to get it to look as good as my stylist/friend made it look (above), but it is super easy to take care of!

2) Another concert at The Music Ranch.... this time Justin Moore. We're actually hosting a series of concerts, so there will be more of these coming up.

The gang with Justin, before the show

He put on a GREAT show! The crowd loved him, too.

Best moment of the night..... when Justin sang his latest single "Small Town, USA" the entire room sang along with him. At one point, Justin got choked up and had to stop.... everyone just kept singing for him. It literally gave me chills.

Justin and I.... please excuse the shiny face, slightly running make-up, and gross hair. This was at the very end of the night. But, hey, at least I remembered to get a picture.

3) Jordan won 'Big Brother'!!!!

I was so flipping excited! Jordan was one of my favorites the whole time. It always makes me a little sad when the season is over. 'Big Brother' is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures!

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