Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

1) I should be working.... I just would rather not, at the moment.

2) I have just now noticed how much I like to use exclamation points. I was typing out an email to a charity group our station is working with and I had to actually go back and take out exclamation points. I had ended every sentence with them. Then, I was updating one of our stations' Facebook pages and I used about four in one status update.

3) I'm a little stressed about the new TV season. We used to get TV Guide and they always had the handy "ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FALL" edition. It had the whole TV schedule for you. However, I don't have that now. Is that issue already out and gone? I really need to plan out what I'm going to watch this Fall.

4) Piggy-backing the TV schedule........ I am both thrilled and distressed that 'So You Think You Can Dance' is moving to Fall. Thrilled because, well, I love it. It means that I get two seasons in one year. Distressed because this means one less "summer show" next year. Plus, it's cutting into all of my Fall shows.

5) Clearly, I watch too much TV.

6) I've been blogging for a year, tomorrow. That's crazy.

7) I don't know how it happens, but October has to be one of the busiest months, EVERY year. It's only the beginning of September and I'm already trying to carve out some time for myself in October.

8) I have 14 sticky notes stuck to my desk/computer. That's ridiculous.

9) Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment. I'm thinking of chopping it off (it's shoulder length now... I'm thinking of chin length) and going with a slightly different style. Yesterday, I actually called my hair stylist (one of my best friends) and told her of my thoughts..... "I'm thinking I want to do something different with my hair. Be thinking of my options."..... Being the awesome stylist and friend that she is, she called me back to let me know that she would figure something out before tomorrow. If you aren't best friends with your hair stylist, can you call them and tell them that you want something different and that you'd like them to think about it? I don't know because she's been doing my hair for the past 10 years.

10) You would think that "The Guy" moving to Minne-frigging-sota would make be instantaneously get over him. Nope. Not happening. He finally made contact. I say finally, but it was literally a week. However, we hadn't gone more than 2 days without some sort of contact in over 6 months, so it just felt like forever. Anyway.... yeah, unfortunately, I like him just as much when he's 27 hours away as I do when he's sitting in my office. Clearly, I prefer him in my office. Don't worry, I'll get over him. It's only been two weeks.

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