Sunday, September 27, 2009

Awesome friends.....

One of the greatest things about living in Central Florida is that people always want to come here on vacation. Whenever friends are in town, I get to zip to whichever city they're in and hang out.

This past week, some of my dearest friends were in town. Regina and I became friends several years back and since then her whole family has become close to both me and my family. They are incredible people.

On Sunday (9/20), I headed over to Orlando and went to Magic Kingdom with them. It was HOT.... like worse than when I went to Universal on July 3rd. But, we had a blast anyway. We were able to do a ton, too.

They had their cameras, so I left mine back at the hotel. This is the only picture I have until they email me theirs, lol.

Regina and I in line for 'Snow White's Scary Adventure'

While the rest of us worked (the downside of living in Central Florida, lol.... you still have to work while everyone comes to play), they went Universal on Monday and Animal Kingdom on Tuesday. They were set to come over for dinner Tuesday evening, so I came home straight from work and we got ready for them.

We seriously had the BEST time. I love spending time with friends like them. I was crying from laughing so hard. None of us wanted the night to end.... sadly it did, but with promises that we would all see one another soon.

Regina and I

Duwayne and I.... their cousin

Rochelle (Regina's sister) and I.... plus Regina and Trev being stupid in the background, lol

Trevor and Regina.... these two are a trip together.... they fight and argue like brother/sister from the moment they get together until the moment it's time to leave.

Rosemary (Regina and Rochelle's mom) and I..... one of the sweetest and funniest people in the world

Mom and Regina

Our best attempt at a group shot, lol.... Rochelle, Jeff, Regina, Me, and Trevor

Somehow, it turned into a dance party, lol

This is what Reggi does ALL THE TIME!!!! LOL, she'll tell you straight-up, "I love me."

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