Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeling blah.......

I'm going on record to say that I'm utterly exhausted.

So exhausted, in fact, that I came home during lunch to rest and then came straight home after work (skipping gym, etc). I'm choosing to believe that it's just me needing extra sleep and not me getting sick.

Life has been so busy that I didn't even realize that I was like 4 days behind in all my blog reading, lol.

This past week was fun.... insane, but fun. This week will be more of the same. I'm determined to catch up, as I have lots to record/share/post, but not tonight, lol.

These two weeks have been the weeks of concerts.. Joe Nichols (as I already mentioned), Brad Paisley (which I need to share), Colbie Caillat (SO FREAKING EXCITED... this is tomorrow), and Josh Thompson (Thursday).

Plus, other events and "stuff." I'll get to it eventually, but tonight I'm just going to curl up on the couch with a blanket, catch up on my shows, and call it an early night.

OH.... and, sadly, "The Guy" didn't come home this weekend. I was sad, but thankfully, I was too busy to be too sad.

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