Saturday, October 17, 2009

Joe Nichols at The Music Ranch

Wednesday (October 14th) was just one of those busy days I've been talking about.

During the day, I attended the Annual Breast Cancer Luncheon and Fashion Show with some of my coworkers. It was a nice time, but honestly, it was a speaker's talk of the advances in patient care over the years that caught me the most.

Just thinking of what Abby Adams (daughter of President John Adams) went through makes me cringe. The doctor explained that she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a time when neither anesthesia nor sterilization was used. She was tied to a chair in her bedroom, while the cancer was cut out of her. It was a 20 min procedure and she had to be held down by three people. Dressing the wound took over an hour. She lived with constant infection and pain for the remaining two years that she was alive. Listening to that, I feel so blessed by the advancements made in medicine!

After the luncheon, I switched gears, changed clothes, and went out to The Music Ranch. Joe Nichols was performing and we knew it was going to be a packed house, lol.

I'm surprised the place didn't burst at the seams, to be quite honest, lol. It was a great concert and the crowd pretty much behaved. One woman did get a little too drunk.... first she tried to pole dance with a square, stone pillar. Not something I think would be too comfortable, lol. Then, she started taking off her top. I ran interference, at that point, lol. It was a case of getting her outside and some water into her. Once she'd settled and I was convinced that she wasn't driving, it was back to business, as usual.

Joe listens as the crowd sings "I'll Wait for You" to him.

Joe had the crowd laughing and entertained the whole time.

This group of lovely people?..... They are from Scotland. Yes, Scotland. They listen online and heard that Joe would be here while they were in Orlando, on holiday. They emailed me to see if it was possible for them to get tickets. Amazingly nice group! I truly hope we get to meet with them, again!

Joe and I

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