Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sugarland Concert (9/25/09)

In May, they announced that Sugarland was coming to the St. Pete Times Forum. Last year, we had a fabulous Girl's Night Out at their concert, so it was a no-brainer that we'd do it again! This time, we had Paula, Billie Jo, Jamie, Jenny, Jenn, and Nicole.

Here's the thing that I absolutely love about Sugarland.... not only is their music great, but they sound JUST the same in concert. I've seen them about five times, between being opening acts and their own shows, and they always are amazing. They sound the same, they always have tons of energy, and whatever the emotion of the song is, Jennifer Nettles brings.

Paula and I

Billie Jo and I

Billie Jo and I got to meet Jake Owen!......

Matt Nathanson was the first opening act. The only song I know of his is "Come On Get Higher," but I was SOOOO impressed with him! He has some great music and he's hysterical. He had the entire auditorium cracking up.

Kristian Bush came out to play!!

Jake Owen also opened up for them! He put on a great show!

Then, the main event! I swear, they are such great entertainers. I just saw them the month before and I was still enthralled with their performance!

They played the video to "Want To" while they were singing it.... that's my favorite song they sing......

They are so dramatic, lol.

I'll be perfectly honest... I didn't like this song (Genevieve), but this is a cool picture, lol

They have all these sets and scenes that they create.

Last, but not least..... the awesome crowd surfing balls!!!!!!

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