Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If there were a soundtrack of my life

and it could only consist of ONE artist, Colbie Caillat would be that one.

Seriously, I LOVE her music. There are very few of her songs that don't apply to me and my life.

Last Tuesday (10/20), I had the opportunity to see her in concert. Actually, rewind to this time last year..... I found out she was going to be in Tampa. However, I was scheduled to be in a parade and then work the overnight. There was no way I could go. I literally almost cried, lol.

About a month ago, I found out she would be at the House of Blues and immediately BEGGED my contact there for tickets. I would have paid for them, but she was able to get them for me for free... even better!

Trevor Hall.... he was a Reggae-type. Really good music.

Howie Day also opened for her. Honestly, I only knew "Collide." I liked Howie and his voice, but I was ready for him to get on with it.

This guy was so cool. He's supposedly the world's fastest painter. He started with this....

... and 10 minutes later ended up with this.....

YAY!!! Time for Colbie!!!!

She started with "I Won't" off her lastest album. Really great song.

See the guy on the right? Billie Jo and I decided we want he and Colbie to be together, lol. His name is Justin Young and we fell in love with him, lol.

Even her stage manager got in on the action and sang "No Woman, No Cry" with her.

Singing my FAVORITE song on her new album, "I Never Told You"

Singing her latest hit, "Fallin For You"

Howie Day came out to sing "Droplets" with her....

Jeni was supposed to come, but couldn't at the last minute. As I'm pretty sure that no one loves CC as much as the two of us, I actually kept a LIST of the songs she sang. I wanted to be able to give a full report of the concert and be able to discuss what we would have traded. (This paragraph and this paragraph only is why I've tagged this post with "I'm Sometimes A Dork")

Would you like to know what she sang?

Oh good!!!....
  • I Won't
  • One Fine Wire
  • Begin Again
  • Realize... who hasn't related to this song at some point in their lives?
  • Don't Cha.... yes, a cover of the Pussycat Dolls, lol
  • Fearless.... one of my favorites
  • Tied Down
  • No Woman, No Cry
  • I Never Told You..... my absolute favorite off of her "Breakthrough" album
  • Lucky
  • Fallin For You.... another favorite off her "Breakthrough" album
  • Droplets
  • Bubbly

Now, here's what I personally would have loved to hear her sing that she didn't....

  • Tailor Made... my absolute favorite off of her "CoCo" album
  • Out of My Mind.... another favorite... LOVE this song
  • Oxygen
  • The Little Things
  • Battle

It really was an AMAZING concert. She sounds even better in person than she does on her albums (um, super rare).

We missed Jeni, but Billie Jo and I still have a great time! Don't you love our strategic shot with the HOB sign in the background, lol?

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Southern Web Girl said...

I lovelovelove CC too! We played 'Lucky' at our wedding but I really love Tailor Made as well. Lovelovelove her voice.