Monday, October 5, 2009

A letter to Junior League Members

Let me start off by saying that I do not mean to offend (though I probably will). I absolutely recognize the good that Junior League does throughout the country. Some of my favorite bloggers are Junior League Members. You are appreciated.

Having said that.....................

As someone who receives emails and phone calls from various members of her city's Junior League, may I give you a tip?

Pushiness doesn't score you points with me.

Calling me to demand that I put your event on the air won't actually get it on the air any faster.

Adding a smiley face to a condescending email...... um, no.

There are a lot of organizations that also do a lot of good. I have to give them equal time, too. Being rude and pushy isn't going to make me say, "Oh, yes! I'll definitely make sure that your event hits the airways every hour!" Guess what? I can't do that. Even if I wanted to. Which I don't when you're being rude.

Here's the thing.... I WANT to like the Junior League. They are helpful in the community. They put on very fun events. They work very hard. Again, some of my favorite bloggers are in the Junior League.

So, some of my favorite bloggers, can you please let your fellow Leaguers know that I'm starting to get a bad taste in my mouth for the JL?

Politeness. Friendliness. Timeliness..... all good things.


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