Friday, April 16, 2010

Doubling up on the Friday Fun......

I'm cheating and doing two questionnaires in one post.

First up....

Go to My Little Life to join in!!

1. What words do you use on your blog/online that you don't use in real life?

LOL..... I don't say those initials. Other than that, I think I type how I talk.

I say "seriously" all the time. I blame it on my insane love of Grey's Anatomy, where they once had an entire conversation that basically consisted of that one word.

What do you say, people who know or have met me in real life? Do I write how I talk?

2. Do you still write checks?

I wrote one, just yesterday, lol. Usually, it's just when I'm paying for something random..... like, when Mary used a discount to get me earrings and a new necklace and then I paid her back by writing her a check.

3. Who was your favorite President and why?

Is it bad that I don't really have one? They've all done good.... they've all done bad. I haven't lived long enough to really be able to comment, imo.

But, just for the sake of the question, I'm going to say Washington because he was the very first, Lincoln because he was supposed to be as honest as they come, and Grant because he's a distant relative.

I will say that I've never been fond of Andrew Jackson. Remember that, Meg? We were very adament in AP History that we didn't like him.

4. Are you a yeller?

I can be. I don't really like it when I do, but yeah, I can belt it out when I'm super angry.

5. Have you ever dumpster dived?
No. I have a thing against trash and germs.
That was fun! Round two.....

Head over to The Little Things We Do to fill in the blanks!

1. The first thing I do in the morning is hit the snooze button....three times.... then, I get out of bed and make it. My bed has to be made before I do anything else.

2. Every night before bed I set my phone alarm clock. Then, I check it. Then, I check it, again.

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is talk with good friends, curl up on the couch to watch a movie or a good TV show, and eat something sinful.

4. Something that makes me cringe is when people use the Lord's name in vain. I never say anything to anyone who does, but I mentally add "is my Lord and Savior" to keep myself from slipping out with it. I went to a private Christian school where we were NEVER allowed to say it in a secular way, so it's just so engrained in me not to do so. Two times, I've slipped and I feel awful afterwards.

5. Social situations stress me out. Unless it's a situation where I'm really close with the people that will be there, I get nervous and shy.

6. I like to collect keychains. Everytime I visit a new place or I go to something special, I pick up a new keychain. They are the perfect momento, especially when travelling..... way easier to pack, lol.

7. Weekends are for hopefully resting. I do have to work on a lot of weekends, but I love to just chill when I get the chance!!


Brittany Ann said...

You're a yeller! I'm shocked!

Yani ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶◙ said...

i'm guilty of hitting the snooze button too and yeah, two or three times too before i finally get up! hahaha! 5 minutes is precious time when it comes to sleeping! LOL!

happy weekend!*♥*

Mama M. said...

I soooo needed to pay attention more in history class!! What did Andrew Jackson do?!

LWLH said...

I have to recheck my alarm too. I can never trust that the first time I did it, it was correct :)

Gina said...

I'm impressed with your daily bed-making. I never make mine.