Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My name twin over at Living on Sweet Tea honored me with this award!

Ten honest things about myself........

  1. I'm a BBQ sauce snob. There are two places in my town where I will eat the sauce..... one is a local hole-in-the-wall called Jimbo's and the other is Shane's Rib Shack. Every other place doesn't have good enough sauce.... it's either too sweet, too mustardy, too thick, or just gross.

  2. I am the most non-social person on the face of the planet until I take a shower. Poor Ninny lived with us for about a year and is the cheeriest morning person, ever. She thought I was mad that she was there for a couple months until she finally said something to my mom about it..... "Jessica doesn't talk to me in the mornings.... I think she's mad at me."..... My mom assured her that I'm just a complete grump and barely awake until I stand under hot water.

  3. It makes me really sad to see people eating by themselves. Even if they seem content to be alone at the table, I get sad.

  4. I'm vain enough to have goals that I want to achieve before my ten year reunion (next year).... the list? Have a cool job (check), Be 50lbs smaller (almost there.... I'd really like it to be more, lol), Great guy on my arm (so out of my control unless I hire someone)

  5. I once wanted 13 kids because I had a bunch of pretty names picked out for them. I've since lowered that number, lol.

  6. I hate driving. I'd love to live in a city with great public transportation..... subways are a thing of greatness, imo.

  7. I hate milk... the smell, the taste... I even think it's an ugly shade of white.

  8. I have a super-creepy memory. It's nothing I try to do.... it's just always been that way. I can remember conversations word-for-word, events moment-by-moment, and people by face and name. Not everything or everytime, but the majority. If you tell me something about yourself, I'll probably always remember it. However, people do get slightly weirded out, so I tend to not share what I already know, lol. This has served me well when I was subbing, though... it only took me about an hour to learn all the kids' names. When I was little, I would act out entire episodes of 'Full House' and 'Family Matters' for my step-sister, when she couldn't watch it that week.

  9. I'm the type of person who will laugh at something 3 days later. I think it has to do with the creep memory situation... I just keep picturing it and it's funny. And, once I get the giggles, I can't stop.

  10. I want a huge wedding. I get that it's the marriage that is important, but I'd like one day in my life where everyone I love is in one room, together, having fun and celebrating life.

    Now I'm supposed to pass it along to ten people....... However, an 11th thing about me is that I always feel bad if I leave someone out that might have wanted to do it. So go ahead and consider yourself tagged. A 12th thing about me is that when other people say that, I always feel lame tagging myself......... so, if you want me to visibly tag you, I will, lol.


kjlangford said...

yes! have a big wedding! It is about the marriage, but you're allowed to have a HUGE kickoff! :)

Amy Lynn said...

You are too funny!

I'm not a morning person either... My step-dad used to take offense to it as well until my mom explained to him that I just flat out talk to NOBODY in the mornings!

And... I have a weird ass memory too! My best friend will call me sometimes to tell me about someone she saw and she wont be able to tell me much about them except that we went to school with them - but she'll say "If you were with me, you would have known their name, and what class we had with them, etc etc." And she's right. I might even remember what they wore to a specific event. It's scary. At least I'm not the only one!

Melissa said...

Ok, we have a LOT in common that i didn't realize!

Mostly the morning person one! I never associated it w/ my needing a shower, though maybe that is it! I usually say that i need to have been up (as in, out of bed) for an hour. It's so funny, i once was roomies w/ my BFF & she is a TOTAL morning person... she would be in the bathroom getting ready for work & i'd go in to pee & she'd say all cheerfully "GOOD MORNING!!!" & i'd just go, "grunt" LOL. We still laugh about it today. She never took it personally, she knew me well enough & knew that was as much of a "good morning" as i could get out! LOL.

We also have #'s 5,7 & 9 in common. And 10, sort of, i did have a huge wedding, about 300 ppl in a church that seats about 180! HA! It was great! I loved it! :)

But 3, i eat alone a lot - i love it! i mean, during work i need the alone time. But other times i don't mind it either. At all. So it shouldn't make you sad, unless they seem lonely! LOL.

Gina said...

I have a crazy memory too. But then sometimes, things will escape me completely. Very weird.