Saturday, April 3, 2010

For the love of shoes

Little fact about Jess that makes me not-so-All-American....

I'm not much of a shopper.

Really. I'm not.

I will admit that I get a little more pleasure out of it as I lose weight, but still I have a threshold of how much shopping I can handle. Then, I am just done.

This had always been a sad thing for my family. They love to shop. Especially bargain shop, which takes a lot more time. No joke..... my Ninny (mom's mom) can walk into JC Penney during a sale and walk out with an armload of bags, having been paid 45 cents. True story.

I also live in the land of Outlet Malls. We have a ton of them around these parts.

Have I mentioned that Outlet Malls tend to make me cranky?

All that to say..... I am not a shopper.

However, I do have a weakness and that is shoes.

My closet is full of them. I typically wear the same 3 or 4 pairs, all the time, but I have SO many more that are reserved for special occasions. They don't even have to be expensive or fancy-brand shoes. In fact, my most expensive pair of shoes is also my most uncomfortable pair of shoes.

Today, my mom and I were out looking for Easter sandals for her. We walked into our 5th store and I was about to hit my limit.

Then, I saw these babies.....

It was love at first sight.

I tried them on, bought them, and now own a pair of shoes with which I own nothing to wear. I've literally been wracking my brain and searching my closet to figure out what ensemble I can put together.

The only thing I've come up with is this nice yellow top, jeans, and then some clunky matching jewelry (which I would have to buy).

All of my fashion-forward bloggy friends..... any suggestions?

**** P.S. - I still intend on recapping my Bloggy Weekend. I wrote up a bunch and them my computer failed me and I lost most of it. So, I've lost my groove for the moment. I will recap, though. I promise. ***


Marianne said...

uhh, the shoes are a neutral, therefore, they can go with ANY outfit!!! Woohoo!! Very wise purchase :) And, seriously, they can go with any thing. Although, I would probably do a printed top of some sort and really any pant will do. Jewelry, I wouldn't go over the top with any metallics, but something fun. How about you take a picture of everything you own and I'll make an outfit for you ;)

The heels would make me 6'5, I'm sure, but I LOVE those shoes!

I have a shoe addiction, too. I have two of those
"shoe under" things from the infomercial... some slots with 2 pairs. And an over-the-door rack that is totally full. And some on a shelf. And some in the downstairs closet.

It's disgusting.

I thought about doing a post about my shopping habit. But I think it's too embarrassing hahaha. And my closet is color coded... even more embarrassing.

Fashion is my passion, what can I say?

Take a pic whenever you you wear those bad boys out!

Marianne said...

PS... you added me to your blog roll? Seriously? You just made my night. You're such a good blogger buddy, Jess! THANKS!

Lil' Woman said...

Those are adorable...I want!
You know my short butt needs all the extra height I can get! :)

Melissa said...

oh my gosh i LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!! I have no idea what to pair them w/ - i cannot even wear shoes w/ that high of a heel as much as i love them (i can't walk!) - maybe when i lose more weight. But anyway they are gorgeous!

And i'm the same was about shopping. i like it up to a point & as you said, then i am just done! :)

kjlangford said...

I agree with Marianne, think of those shoes as a neutral, don't feel like you have to buy something to go with them. If it helps, pretend they're grey or navy to find something to go with them in your closet.

They would be great with longer pans, capris, dresses or skirts!

let us know what you do with them!