Monday, April 19, 2010

CC, take two......

I've mentioned before that I adore Colbie Caillat. I love her music!

Last Fall, I went to her concert and loved it. So, when I got invited to go to another one, I jumped at the chance!

Jeni and I

Her opening act was her bandmate, Justin Young. I liked him when I saw him sing with Colbie before, but his own stuff is phenomenal, too! Oh....... at the last concert, Billie Jo and I wanted Justin and Colbie to be together. Jeni and I are 99% convinced they are actually together. We have no proof..... that's just our belief, lol.

They wouldn't allow flash photography, which made for some interesting lighting in the pictures. I love her background. So pretty, imo......

Seriously, she's got the most amazing voice.

Last time, I took note of what songs she sang so that I could report back to Jeni. I figured the playlist would be the same this time. However, when I realized it was going to be different, I started taking notes.

Here's what she sang this time..........

  • Begin Again
  • You Got Me
  • Realize
  • Oxygen
  • Fearless
  • Let's Make It Rain
  • Turn Your Lights Down Low
  • I Won't
  • The Little Things
  • No Woman, No Cry
  • I Never Told You
  • Fallin For You
  • Lucky
  • Bubbly
That's five songs that are different from the last time. Kind of cool if you ask me, lol. However, I still wish she would sing Tailor Made, Out of My Mind, and Battle. Are you listening out there, Colbie? Please add those three to your set list. Thanks.

Never heard of her? Well, check her stuff out. Here's some of her best (in my opinion)........

"So go on, go on and break my heart. I'll be ok. There's nothing you can do to to me that's ever gonna bury me. So go on, go on and leave my love out on the street. I'm fearless. Better believe I'm fearless, fearless." - Fearless

"Twenty-five and all of these mixed emotions are tangled up with pure confusion. It's hard to let go of the past, but it seems easier as time moves on." - Tailor Made

"I'm so in love with you, don't know what to do, this time. And, though you're out of sight, you're never ever out of my mind." - Out of My Mind

After the show, we got to meet her. Chick is TALL. Granted, she had on heels, but still, she towers over my 5'7" self. I feel this is a weird picture of me, but whatever, lol.


Hillary said...

Looks like a great concert! Hubby and I danced to "Lucky" for our first dance, so I love that song! I'm not familiar with too many of her others songs but it seems like the kind of music I'd like-- I should definitely look into it one of these days!
Glad you had fun at the concert!

Brittany Ann said...

I think that photo of you and her is adorable! You both look gorgeous! Glad you got to hear the soundtrack of your life in person;)

And, per your post below, I CANNOT wait to see you in that dress below one day. You're going to be a gorgeous bride!

Gina said...

I think that's a really good picture of you. I am totally jealous of your celebrity meetings. If you ever meet Dave Matthews, I beg you to take me. Seriously. On my knees right now. Please. Please. Please.

LWLH said...

I wish I was a little leprechaun that you could fit into your purse and take me to meet all these jealous.

And wow, she is tall...I would be a shrimp compared to her if you look smaller at 5' 7"

Kristen said...

I love Colbie Caillat! She is playing here in Bham in July and I'm hoping to get media passes to cover it.

jag said...

SO SO fun! LOVE the pics! The last one is especially great! You both look fab!