Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Questions Sunday....

First up.....

Getting to know YOU

The questions..

1. If you could have one of Superman's, powers which one would you want? Superhuman strength..Flight..Superhuman speed..X-Ray vision..etc

Flight....... man, it would be great to not have to drive anywhere, lol.

2. The best thing I ever won is....?

Um....... I once won a $30 Gift Certificate to Toys 'R' Us from a talent show. I was like 9.

I rarely win anything, so I get super excited anytime I win a raffle or anything.

OH!!!! I once won a car. It was one of those random sign-up things. However, I was only 15 and you had to be 18. So, I couldn't actually win it, lol.

3. Have you ever skyped with a bloggy friend?

I have not ever Skyped..... however, I'm game if anyone ever wants to chat!!

4. What is your favorite Summer month?

August..... because it's my birthday month, lol.

5. Pool, Lake, or Ocean?

Pool..... I live in Florida. There is the ocean all around us..... there are lakes ALL OVER.... and, we have pools everytime you turn around. I'm not overly fond of bathing suits or the sun, but I'll take a pool over the other two any day of the week.

6. One of my favorite Summer memories is.....?

Every summer in high school, I went up to Colorado to visit my Uncle Bobby, Aunt Debbie, and cousins (Heidi and Ben). I'd go for about 3 weeks. I loved it. We always had the best time.

Also, every summer in college, I went out to LA with a bunch of friends to go to General Hospital Fan Club Weekend. Yes, I love soaps, lol. I loved hanging out with them and seeing all the sights.

Another set of memories were the years I was a cheerleader or a cheerleading coach. I loved going to Cheerleading Camp every year.

7. What's your favorite secret bargain?

I'm not good at bargains. It's a gene in my family that skipped me.

8. Do you plan on or have you been watching the World Cup?


Next up......

Sunday Stealing

1. You’re building your dream house. What’s the one thing that this house absolutely, positively MUST HAVE? (other than the obvious basics of course)

If I were building my dream house, it would have a dance studio and gym in it.

2. What is your dream car?

I'm not really one to have a dream car, but I LOVE this color of Mustangs. I don't think they even make them in this color, anymore.

3. What is your favorite website that isn’t a blog?

Facebook. I'm on there constantly.

4. iPhone 4 or Droid, which do you want?

I like my enV3, thankyouverymuch.

5. When you’re feeling down or lonely or just generally out of sorts, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

I call one of my friends. Or, I'll "dance it out" (those of you that watch Grey's will know what I mean).

6. Tell me about something or someone that you love that most people seem to hate.

Several of my work friends aren't fans of Keith Urban, but I love him.

And, I love Kate Gosselin. Yes, she can be a witch, but she has 8 stinkin cute kids. I truly believe that everything she does is with her kids' best interests at heart. She makes mistakes and can be wrong, but I do think she tries. Personally, I'm thrilled that the TV show (sans Jon) is back.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Besides who I am now....... a wife and a mom.

8. Would you go on a reality show if given the chance?

YES!!! I'd love to be on Big Brother, The Amazing Race, or So You Think You Can Dance (I *can* dance, but not at the level of those contestants).

9. Who was your favorite teacher when you were growing up. (Grade school, Middle School, Jr. High or High School only.)

I had so many awesome teachers growing up......... honestly, so many wonderful educators.

10. You get one pass to do something illegal or immoral. What are you gonna do?

I have no idea.

11. What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was getting ready to enter my Senior year of high school. I was probably in Colorado, visiting my family. I usually went in June. Also, I had homework for my AP classes. And, we would have been getting ready for Cheerleading Camp.

12. By this time next year, I ...

hope to have made it to my goal weight!

13. Do you think the United States will elect a female President in your lifetime? Do you think this would be a good thing?

I'm thinking it will happen. If it's the right female for the job, it could be a great thing.

14. Which fictional, TV show character you would shag anytime?

Dr. Doug Ross...... Dr. Derek Shepherd.... Dr. Alex Karev.... Dr. Ray Barnett... Dr. Tony Gates (seeing a theme, lol?)

I'd also go for....... Sonny Corinthos, Zach Slater, Patrick Jane, and Will Scheuster.

Yes..... I'm a fictional TV show character hoe.

15. What is your greatest pet peeve?


16. Tell me about your most recent trip of more than 100 miles?

Car trip? I am not sure.

The last trip I took was to St. Jude in Memphis.

17. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?

Neither, lol.

18. Do you have a nickname? What is it?

We've been through this before, but..... Jess, Jessie, Jessie-bell, Turkeyface, Angel, Rose, J, JB

19. What are you dreading at the moment?

Nothing, which is nice, lol.

20. Do you worry that others will judge you from reading some of your answers?

I'm worried that people may find be uninteresting, sometimes. Overall, though, I try to remember that I blog for me and am just blessed to have met other people through it!

21. In two words, explain what ended your last relationship.

Stupid, coward

22. What were you doing this morning at 8am?

Sleeping..... I wake up at 8:15 on Sundays, lol.

23. Do you have any famous relatives?


24. How many different beverages have you drank today?

Water, Starbuck's Green Tea, and regular Iced Tea

25. What is something you are excited about?

This week should be pretty fun! I have lunch plans on Monday and Tuesday. Thursday night, we have a concert. Friday, we have a super fun broadcast.

26. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group?

How large is large? I used to be a teacher, so it was pretty common. Even now, I go to Elementary, High, and College classes to talk about radio.

27. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

I thought, "I need to remember to do my face mask tonight."

28. What were you doing at midnight last night?

I was watching Grey's Anatomy with my parents. It was the first episode of the 3rd season......... you know, when Denny had just died and Izzie spent the whole time on the bathroom floor.

29. What’s a word that you say a lot?


30. Who is your worst enemy?

Probably myself, lol


Gina said...

Zach Slater! I love it! You know, he is single now!

Marianne said...

Who is Zach Slater? I know Zach Morris and I know AC Slater, so is Zach Slater a hybrid of the two?

I think we should sign up to do Amazing Race together!!!!! OMG, how fun would that be? We could be the first "blogger buddies" to do it!

And how did I miss that you used to be a teacher?? I clearly need to dig through your archives!

::Still trying to find a weekend to come visit!::

Lil' Woman said...

I am so game for Skype!! :)