Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trevor Update and a few extras

A few things have happened since we last chatted about Trevor......

Two weeks ago, the insurance company called. They were NOT thrilled with the "wait and see" method. At all. So, they had him referred to All Children's Hospital in St. Pete.

Last Tuesday, he went for an initial appt and exam. Yesterday, he went in for another appt....... he goes tomorrow to have a portable heart montior put on. The next day, he'll go back after 24 hours have passed and they'll do a bunch of stress tests, etc on him. Eventually (within the next month), he'll undergo another procedure (similar to the one he went through at our hospital) to see if they can pinpoint where the exact problem is and fix it.

Depending on these tests, procedures, etc, he may walk out of there 100% better. They've also mentioned that they may need to continue montoring him and exploring other treatments. Another option they've mentioned (this is just in the most extreme case) is that they may eventually refer him to the Mayo Clinic in.......... wait for it.......... Minne-friggin-sota.

All of it is still up in the air, but we're glad that something is being done. We weren't very fond of the "wait and see" method, either.

Thanks for praying for him and please continue to keep him lifted up. It is more appreciated than I can EVER say!!!


Next up........ some randomness...........

1) I am very proud of myself today. I got up this morning a full hour before I normally do and walked 2 1/2 miles. This may never happen, again, but I'm still proud.

2) I don't know if it is a brief period of insanity or if I'm actually on the right track, but I've been outright spectacular over the past 3 days with my eating and exercising. Like, amazingly so. I'm hoping that the switch that was flipped this weekend stays that way and I'm able to keep this up.

3) I fully realized last night that I have ONE year before my ten-year reunion. Last night, I went to my alma mater's graduation. A couple of my classmates had siblings that were graduating....... I remember when they were entering Kindergarten, lol. It hit me, "Holy cow, I was sitting there nine years ago......... Holy cow, next year it will be ten years........ HOLY COW, Trev will be walking across that stage next year!!!"

4) #3 may have something to do with #1 and #2, lol.

5) Sitting in that graduation, I remembered just why I loved my high school as much as I did and still do. It is a phenomenal institution and I am so blessed to have gone there. If I'm still in my town when I have kids, they ARE going there.

6) Tonight, I'm going out to eat with my best friends from high school. Mich (whom we haven't seen in 4 years) is visiting and we're getting together for dinner. I'm SO excited!!! Meg will definitely be there..... I'm crossing my fingers and praying that Ash and Shannon will be able to come.  Again, sitting in that ceremony last night, I saw those graduates and the love/connection that they shared. That was US. We were the 5 Musketeers in HS. I was in all of their weddings. Hopefully, they'll be in mine. We've grown and changed and no longer see each other 6 out of 8 class periods a day, but the love and connection is still there.

7) New thing learned............ all of you may already know this and I may be the sole idiot on the face of the planet. See, I live in Florida. The humidity is insane. Yet, I still have dry and flaky skin. I've always wondered why. Also, I hate lotion because it makes my skin feel weird. Then, I learned something the other day............ putting your lotion on right after you've gotten out of the shower and are still damp and your skin is still soft works wonders. The weirdness isn't there and my skin literally stays soft until the next day. Amazing, I tell you.


Sonya said...

Wow! I'm impressed with the insurance company. I'd think that a doctor saying let's wait and see could get them in a lot of trouble if something happens!

Gina said...

How scary, and yet how wonderful that all these tests are being run. I will keep him and you in my thoughts and prayers.

Keep up the workouts but don't burn yourself out!

Brittany Ann said...

Sounds like the insurance company was helpful! Good! I wish they were all like that! Praying for him! And you! You are handling this stress remarkably well!

Lil' Woman said...

I will continue to keep Trevor in my prayers!!

Great job with the workouts!! :)