Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update, Random Questions, and Swap

First, an update on Trevor....

He came home, yesterday. They still aren't sure where the problem originated and can't promise that it won't happen, again. We were ALL more than a little nervous about him going home when they hadn't solved the problem.

They gave him some emergency meds, in case it happens again. If it does, the meds will keep his heart rate low enough long enough for us to get him to a hospital. No driving, no sports, no meds, no caffeine for 8 weeks.... then, they'll revisit the subject.

We all prayed that the Lord would solve whatever was wrong with him. Hopefully, He did. If you could keep him in your prayers for the next little while, I'd appreciate it.

Next up......

The questions can be found at MannLand5.....

1. Do you have a fetish?

Not really

2. Do you sing in the shower?

No..... my concerts are reserved for the car.

3. Who was your first crush?

Trenton Turner. His family and mine were close friends. I was best friends with his little sister and he was a  couple years older than me. I was four and totally in love.

4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?

Physically - Strong hands and shoulders. Love them.

Character - I love a guy with a great sense of humor and who is good with kids. There is nothing more sexy than a man who can make me laugh and who can hold his own with a room full of kids, imo.

5. Do you sleep naked?

No. I actually hate it. It's not comfortable for me to have everything aflying. I even prefer to sleep with a sports bra.

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?

Adjust my bra.

Smile at myself in a window/mirror to see if my face is looking bloated or not (this is what happens when you spend years trying to lose weight).

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?

Email..... then, Facebook.... then, work email..... then, Blogger

8. Summer is.....?
Hot, hot, hot and long, long, long. I live in Florida, people.
Don't forget my swap! This week is the last week to sign up......


Brittany Ann said...

Glad he's home with emergency meds. I'm still praying hard for him. My small group lifted him up in prayer last night, and will again tonight, when we gather for LOST. You and your family are in my thoughts constantly.

Aimee said...

Glad to hear he is home. I know how difficult it is to not have answers. To not understand what caused it or if it could happen again but hopefully it wont. And thats good he has emergency meds.

Great answers:) Yah I feel sorry for you for the Florida summers. I live in southern CA so I understaand heat but I wouldnt be able to handle the humidity.

Erin said...

Glad Trevor is okay! Hoping for the best for him.

Also~ if I signed up when you first announced the flip flop swap I don't have to sign up with the new info do I?

Hope your having a happy Sunday! :)

Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

Glad that Trevor is home! Hoping he will not have to use those emergency meds and that everything will be figured out!

I cannot wait for the swap! You have me down correct? Are we going to be able to chat with our swap partner?

LWLH said...

Glad he's home and hopefully whtever it is they can figure out.

Sometimes I like to sleep naked but other times I just feel like itis too much hanging out everywhere

Ian said...

No driving for eight weeks? What's that got to do with anything?

Gina said...

Great answers! Keep us updated on your brother please!

Mama M. said...

Hey Jess!

You were one of the winners for my Mother's Day Madness! I announced it on my blog, but some people haven't responded, so I'm just following up!

If you'll send me your shipping info...I'll make sure your prize gets shipped ASAP!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. ALthough I'm glad he's home and seems to be doing ok.

You're both in my thoughts :o)