Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jake Owen and Partners In Hope

Our St Jude experience is made up of three main parts.... Training Seminar, The Radiothon, and then our Partner In Hope concert.

All of the people that become Partners In Hope get invited to a private concert. This year, we scored Jake Owen!! Last week (4/28), was the show.

Let me tell you...... he was soooo sweet. His parents and grandparents came to the show and were the nicest people, ever. His mom kept saying, "Are you sure it's ok that we're here? I don't want to take up people's spots."

For once, I was able to grab a picture before the show started and I get gross.....

LA and Jake

Jake and L (this was her last night of her internship.... I'm still sad)

So pretty. I don't usually go for longer hair, but it works for him and Keith Urban.

He invited C up to sing with him. C career-shadowed me and came out to help with the show. She was sooooo nervous!

My helpers and I

G and I....... G was my intern a while back and now works part-time, at the station. He also came out to help. I'm pretty sure that G is TG ten years ago, lol. Super cute, super charming, and super non-committed, lol.

Jake sang for an hour and 45 minutes!!! I think it had something to do with his family being there, but he just kept singing and talking, talking and singing. He really seemed to enjoy himself and the crowd LOVED him. He also does the best impersonations of other country singers, lol. He had the audience laughing and cheering over some of his impressions.

After the show, there was the standard Meet and Greet. He's got the "M&G Face" down pat, lol, however he broke form for this one. He thought the little girl's pigtails were cute. I thought this picture was adorable.......

All said, it was literally the BEST show we've hosted. Days later, we still were marvelling over how great everything went.


Lil' Woman said...

I don't know who that is but that is awesome and for a great cause.

Justine said...

Keith Urban has better hair ;) I know I say this everytime you post one of these, but I AM SO JEALOUS!!! Haha :) You probably have the best job in the whole world!! :)

Nicole said...

awe...great post!