Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Thank You "Kick Ass"

I just noticed that the past two weeks of this blog have consisted of "memes" only.


I also realized that I never finished my recap of my bloggy weekend.

Double sorry.

I've actually had a lot of different events that were blog-able. Memories and pictures I'd like to preserve. However, my creative juices, recapping juices, and typing juices aren't quite there. Instead, I just like answering questions.

Eventually, I'll get to everything. All the juices will start flowing, again.

Until then, you might be stuck with "memes."

I do have a new one, for you.

I saw the movie Kick Ass, this weekend.

Do not go see this movie.

My friend who just got dumped this weekend, Fun Distraction, and I decided we should go to a movie. Just Dumped Friend (who is actually in a similar situation as me and TG...... I'd like to smack the idiot that hurt her) and FD came to the quick conclusion while looking up movie times on their IPhones that Kick Ass would be the movie.

I'd never even heard of it.

But, I went anyway.


That's not all......

If the image of this cute little girl with the gun isn't disturbing enough, please be aware that she also drops the "See you next Tuesday."

There were some funny parts, but basically........ don't bother.


LWLH said...

I thought that movie looked lame...I told Big Man he could go by himself if he wanted to see it.

Brittany Ann said...

I won't lie to you...I heard this movie was disturbing too. And I'm so freaked out, I wouldn't even consider it now!

Justine said...

That girl was on Ellen and she was SO.ANNOYING!!! Like, I wanted to gouge my eyes out and her voice gave me chills!! In a bad way!! Ahhh!! It's painful just thinking about it!!