Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth

Yes, I'm almost two months behind in my recap about my cousin's visit. She even told me the other day, "You need to update your blog. I'm waiting to read your recap of our trip!"

On their first full day in Florida (Saturday, Feb 19), we had BIG plans.........

That's right. Disney World.

But, really, did you have any doubts?

Bella, upon being told that they'd crossed the state line and were officially in Florida, exclaimed, "YAY! We're in Florida!!! WHERE'S THE CASTLE?!?!?!?!?!"

..... and continued to ask that at every given opportunity. We figured it was best to get to it.

On the ferry to the Magic Kingdom................. when we said we were riding a ferry, Noah grumbled, "Why do we have to take something about Tinkerbell?"

Thus begins the picture-taking marathon. We took a lot of the same pictures/poses that we took 3 years ago when she came be herself. This was the first of MANY.........

Our first stop was City Hall where we could properly adorn them with their 1st Visit pins.

Poor Bella was dying to see the Castle, so we were quick to make her dream come true.

Nothing like witnessing a little girl see Cinderella's Castle for the very first time......

My mom and I made sure to get them in the very best spots for picture taking :)

We headed to Adventureland, first. Immediately, we saw that the Princesses were available to meet. So, the boys and the girls split up. The boys decided to do Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Robinson, and the other rides in the land, while we went to see royalty.

Best friends, waiting to meet the princesses.

Bella was in awe when we turned the corner and saw them. Lydia was more reserved. L LOVES completely costumed characters (Mickey, Elmo, etc), but is scared of "human characters" (where they have real faces and can talk with her).


Having an intense conversation with Cinderella.....

Explaining to Belle that they have the same name.....

Outside, Ariel and Prince Eric were meeting guests. Ariel is currently Bella's FAVORITE. She was speechless (which is extremely rare) the whole time we were waiting for them, lol.

Jeff decided to help with Lydia duty, lol.

Her favorites...........

After meeting the Princesses and seeing the castle, Heidi asked Bella, "Is it everything you dreamed?" and Bella replied, "It's way more."

We met back up with the boys and decided to ride some rides. I wish I had the scan of us all on Splash Mountain..... not only did we take up an entire log, but our picture is priceless. Noah loved it.......... and, while Bella and Anthony ultimately did, too, they were also a little freaked out, lol. They were HYSTERICAL during Thunder Mountain. Heidi was holding onto Bella and she was like, "Mom, let me GO!!!"

We rode Haunted Mansion and grabbed some lunch. After that, it was time to put the cherry on top of Bella's dream..................

To be continued


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So glad you are back to the blogging world! I've missed you! Looks like a fantastic trip to Disney!

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Oh I miss it soooooooooooooo much...can't wait to hear more.