Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Words....... with Friends

If you've never heard of this IPhone or Droid game, you've been living under a rock in a cave during a hurricane.

If you've never played this game, you just have a lame phone.

I, friends, have a lame phone.

Well, actually, I like my phone quite a bit. Despite my like for my phone, I'm almost due for an upgrade..... and my battery isn't lasting like it should.

In preparing for my upcoming upgrade, I've seriously been pondering what to get. Should I just keep with the EnV style that I've loved for FOUR years now? Or, should I join the SmartPhone masses? The rest of my family has IPhones (if you read the linked post, yes, two years later my family still goes through phones like underwear). What to do, what to do? Phones and DayPlanners are very important decisions for me.

Then, the other night, I got a text from The Guy. (I probably should update ya'll on him.) He wanted to play WWF.

Only, I don't have an appropriate phone for WWF.


Wait! Momma does!

So, I hijacked my mother's phone, downloaded the free version, and then was up until almost 12:30 am playing WWF with the man. We actually have two games going.

I then invited a coworker to start a game.

Only, these games aren't on MY phone. So, they're the slowest games known to man.

One thing, for sure, has been decided.

I NEED to get a phone that is compatible with this game.

IPhone or Droid?

What are your thoughts?


PaigeR530 said...

I'm a total Apple products advocate. Go iPhone!

aleasa said...

i cannot tell you all the ways i pick droid over apple. i'd pick an HTC phone, too. of course... these would be two of the first comments haha.. good luck!!

Marianne said...

iPhone!!!! Seriously, I can't even believe people debate between iPhone and Droid. Although, do you have Verizon? I hear their iPhone is not as nice as the At&t one, so that may be something to consider. I have At&t and am obsessed with my tele. And then we can play each other in WWF!!!!!!!! YAY!

erin. said...

I have the Droid X & I just downloaded WWF. I had been playing via my iPad. I am a huge fan of Apple products but I didn't have the iPhone because it wasn't on Verizon yet. I know a few verizon iPhone users & they like that phone too. I know the iPhone is a little smaller though. If anyone needs a person to defeat on WWF I'm 'teachcbs' :)

erin. said...

& I can't wait for your TG update. Hope its a good one! :)

Sonya said...

I don't have either, however I wish I had gone for the droid instead of my blackberry. I'd love to get the iphone, but I'm waiting until they go to the next generation through Verizon. Plus my BB was very expensive so I should keep it for a while longer! I need an itouch in the meantime to play WWF!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

You must listen to me. Because? I said so. iphone. you will NEVER regret it. I swear.

Holly said...

Definitely an iPhone. I really want one too. :)

Amy Lynn said...

Since we have Sprint, we didn't have much of a choice unless we switched service providers, but I freakin' LOVE my HTC Evo!!!

~Haley~ said...

As a fellow enV phone girl, I'd say go for the Droid! I started with an iPhone & I didn't like it AT ALL... Ended up trading my bff for her Droid X and I loooooove it! Easy to use, no problems, and bigger than the iPhone which was a plus in my book!


Lil' Woman said...

I have a droid and I love it....though I suck at WWF.