Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lost in Translation

Happy Saturday, everyone!

So, this morning, I woke up early to check out some hot air balloons that were lifting off near my house.

After that, I went to Zumba.

After Zumba, I had a few errands to run, one of them being an eyebrow wax.

I walked into the store and was created by one of the owners (a Chinese couple owns the place and the husband was in there). I let him know that I wanted my eyebrows waxed and he pointed me to the room.

Usually, his wife does it, but there was a girl that used to work there. She got married and went back to China for about a year. Apparently, she just had a baby and is coming back part-time. She used to do my pedicures, but never did my eyebrows.

I asked her how she was doing and about the baby. She told me. We were having a lovely conversation. She even was sweet enough to say, "I haven't seen your face in a long time. So pretty."

We commenced with ripping hair out from above my eyes.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt her putting wax above my lip. Um..... that is not my eyebrow.

Really though, what could I do? The wax is on there and it has to come off.

Once she was done with that, I told her thank you and asked if she was done. "Oh, yes. Done."

I closed my eyes, so she could wipe the residual off.

Only then, she started applying wax to my jaw line. Oh, crap.

I let her finish ripping most of the hair off my face, paid, and left.

In the car, I could only think two things........

1) Obviously, I misunderstood her and she was saying something about waxing my whole face and making me pretty.............. because, apparently, I have a very hairy face.

2) I'm really glad I wasn't in there for a bikini wax.


PaigeR530 said...

Oh MY goodness!!! I would have died! Did it hurt?!

kEllEy_G said...

LOL!!! This would totally happen to me. I could picture your I can't imagine that felt very good!! Yikes!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh man! You're so sweet! I've had stuff like that happen before when going to get a pedicure. Never good. But at least it's not a bikini wax, like you said!