Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Born in the 80s......

I've mentioned more than once that my 10 year reunion was coming up. In fact, I've minorly been freaking out about it for a year.

After all, some of these people I haven't seen in 10 years, despite going to school with them for up to 13 years. And, I was the fat girl. I mean, I was more than just that, but I *was* the fat girl.

I was one of the smart ones (there were a lot of us).

I was one of the cheerleaders.

I was the one that was in love with one of my best friends and held a torch all throughout high school (sound familiar?).

I was one of the ones that was completely involved in everything at school.

And, while I've changed so much since then, there's still that part of me that is that high school girl.

Being all of the above, I got myself on the planning committee. As we were planning and trying to make collages of years past, I found the following pictures.............

The senior basketball players and cheerleaders. Recognize the ladies? Yep, they're Shannon, Ash, and Meg who I mention quite frequently on here. The boy on the far left..... oh, yeah, that was the one, lol.

Meg and I with our Cheerleading Coach, Miss Day.

Meg, Ash, and I on Graduation Night

I also got some pictures from our senior trip to Honduras........

A group of us girls in one of the villages we worked in.

Meg and a little girl who followed her around most of the week :)

Us playing a game with the village children.

Having a night out in a Honduran Pizza Hut, lol. We were NOT in favor of trying the local cuisine.

Meg and Ash with our translator.

Me, Mich, Shannon, Ash, and Meg in front of our hotel room.

The date of the reunion finally arrived - August 6, 2011!!

In the morning, a small group of us met at the school for a tour. Our little private Christian school has changed A LOT in ten years. Remember, Trevor just graduated from there, so I'd been back. However, most of our group hadn't, so it was really neat to walk through and remember all the years we spent there.

Walking up to the school, I think everyone was nervous, lol. Luckily, it only took a few minutes for everyone to get comfortable and start catching up.

Oh, and that boy I was so crazy about? He gave me a great big hug as soon as I walked up. He and the girl he started dating our junior year (who was a year behind us and a fellow cheerleader) got married and live in DC. They are a super sweet couple and were fun to hang out with.

I wish I'd taken more pictures. There's a picture of all of us, but it's on someone else's camera. She has yet to post them, so we're working on the limited pictures I took :(

Shannon, Me, and Ash in front of one of the new buildings. Sadly, Meg and Mich couldn't make it.

After the tour, we said our good-byes and see ya laters (some weren't going to the evening event). The three of us and Ash's husband decided to go to lunch. We may or may not have had a small celebration over all three of us being complimented on our appearance. *InsertTotallyVainSentence* All three of us look better than we did 10 years ago and it was worth a bit of jubilation. Then, we decided to go shopping for accessories.

See, we decided on an 80's Prom theme. We were born in the 80s (obviously) and never had prom (our conservative school doesn't allow dancing......... just banquets). It took a bit to get hyped for it, but by that day, we were giddy about our potential tackiness!!!

Ash offered to 80sfy me, so I went over to her house.................

Curler head........

Shirley Temple


To be perfectly honest, a lot of our classmates were lame and didn't come. Just because. Like, one was actually downtown, at a bar, a block from the hotel we were having the event. Lame.

Those of us that did come were intent on having a great time. We even had a mock photo booth set up. Again, most of the pictures are on someone else's camera :(

I did manage to steal this one off of a FB.......

Amy and Jen did a great job with all the decorations (and their outfits)....

Our AWESOME 80's Cake.....

Ash, Shannon, and I

Ash and Michael

Molly, Ash, Kristen, and Emily

Jen and I

Corrie and I........ We were lifers!

Jen, Amy, and I

Dubs............ who has an outline of our county tatooed on his arm. PS - He was always a nice and funny guy in school. However, he had me crying I was laughing so hard that night.

Me, Shannon, and Dubs

Me, Lindsey, Ash, Shannon, and Dubs

Molly and I.... It was SO great to reconnect with her. We were a part of a close group of friends in junior high.

Amy and I....... We're in the same Sunday School class now.

All of us non-lamos that came. All said, it was a nice turn out. There were only 56 of us in the entire class, lol.

At the end of the night, a group of us went to Denny's (at like 1am) to continue the fun. Our feet were KILLING and our stomachs were hungry, so it was awesome to just sit and laugh.

Really, I had so much fun. There is something to be said about the people who saw you through all your awkwardness. And, it's fun to see how we're all turning out.

We'll see how the next ten years go, lol...........

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