Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heidi in Florida: Family Picnic

I know, I know. Heidi's visit was 5 months ago. I suck at recaps.

And, I'm sure no one but Heidi and I are interested in this. That's ok. Years from now, we'll be able to remember her visit.

Sunday, February 27th

After a busy day at Universal, we still managed to rouse ourselves in time to make it to church. I was really excited for Mike and Heidi to go to my Sunday School class and our service. Plus, I wanted the kids to be able to see our Children's Ministry.

For lunch, we'd planned a family picnic. Some of our extended family were going to get to see the kids and Mike for the very first time. My uncle Jimmy wanted to get some Family Pictures for them, so we went by a local lake and gardens before lunch.

The boys looking out on the lake.......

Bella, Heidi, and I

Mike and I

By the time we got to the park, lunch was ready and everyone was there.

Ninny and I

Uncle Jimmy and I

Jeremiah, Paula, and Megan

"I'm the King of the WORLD!!!!"

"Oh no, you're not!!!"

Anthony and I

Paula and I

Fighting cousins..... all the time.....

Aunt Martha and I

We wondered over to the playground and Bella's moxy showed up.

There were only two regular swings and two baby swings. Two girls (about 9 and 10) were on the swings for quite a while. Bella waited for a bit and then walked over to ask if she could swing.

"Nope. We're swinging."

So she waited a few minutes more.

"I'd really like to swing."

"Too bad. We're swinging."

So, she waited about a minute longer.

"When will I get a turn to swing?"

"When we're done."

Note..... these little girls' parents were on the other side of the playground, paying no mind to them.

So, Bella casually strikes up a conversation with them.........

"Have you ever been to Universal? I went yesterday! And, another time before that. I have two older brothers. Do you have any older brothers? Well, when we were at Universal Studios, my brother Anthony wouldn't do what I wanted him to do. So, I punched him in the face."

Cue to one of the girls getting off the swing.

About two minutes into Bella's swinging, the girl that was still on the other swing pretended to fall off. She was making a big dramatic deal about being hurt (the little girl was fine).

Bella - "You're fine."

Little Girl - "Oh, I'm hurt. I think I broke something."

Bella - "No, you didn't. You're fine. Get up."

Little Girl - "I'm hurt. Help me up."

Bella - "Um, no. #1, you're fine. #2, as soon as I get off this swing, your friend is going to take it from me."

Bella - 2, Older Kids - Schooled

Jeremiah...... too cool.


Brothers Gone Fishin'

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