Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation in Cell Phone Pictures

As you're reading this, I'm currently enduring the "First Day Back to Work" syndrome.

You know. Where you weed through 1000 emails and voicemails. Catch up on everything you've missed. Have everyone pulling at you to get done what you weren't getting done for the whole week you were gone.

Clearly, I love that first day back.

Really, though, it shouldn't be horrible. It's the boss' birthday celebration, so we'll have a little more relaxation.

Anyway....... I do have lots of things to post about. Here's a quick sneak peek via the few pictures I took on my phone throughout the week...........

Have Babydoll - Will Travel

We brought Lydia with us and she randomly decided to put her dolls in the suitcases. She was very serious about it, too.

Spaghetti Face

"I DID IT!!!"

We were at PF Chang's and I was using chopsticks. My mother and stepsister weren't so successful. Lydia wanted to try and we told her, "No. You won't be able to work these."

Darnit if the girl didn't pick up her food on the first try. She squealed with delight and then used them for most of her meal, lol.

Big Horsie

Backstage with Rascal Flatts

G thoroughly enjoying his favorite RF song, lol.


This is a picture I took and texted to my friend, in response to her text of a Butterfinger Milkshake that she was enjoying.

Look Out, Disney Animators!

As many times as I've been to Disney, I'd NEVER headed to the Animation Studios in Hollywood Studios. Never. I'd always disregarded it.

Well, we decided to check it out. Turns out that they have drawing classes. It's totally free. In 25 minutes, they'll lead you step-by-step in drawing a character. Ours was Minnie Mouse. Above is my effort.

Honestly, I had SO much fun doing it. That will definitely be one of my stops at all my HS visits!!

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Gina said...

Lydia is so stinkin' cute. And L and I both like your Minnie drawing!