Thursday, August 4, 2011

Even the Adults Need a Day to Play...

The last full day Heidi, Mike, and the kids were here, the big kids decided to go play. I took the day off, Trevor skipped school, and we went to Universal.

First on the list!!!!

Heidi didn't get to ride any of the adult rides when she was there, so we rode them all. Mike and I, however, were riding buddies. Heidi and Trevor both felt sick to their stomachs, so we rode and rode. We rode the "Dragon Challenge" five times in a row, among other things.

Once we'd done everything we wanted at Islands of Adventure, we left to eat lunch before walking over to the Studios. We settled on Hard Rock Cafe.

We spent a couple hours over at the Studios before deciding to call it a day. I spent so much time being a carefree kid, that I didn't really take that many pictures, lol. We really had so much fun!!!

I did manage to get one shot of all of us. I *love* this picture and have it blown up, on my office wall.

My mom had kept the kids entertained all day. We met up with them, went out to dinner, and then hung out for the rest of the night.

Sadly, the next morning, they left for home :(

I really, really miss them and wish they could move down here.


Gina said...

Cute post. Can't wait till we make it down there and hang with you.

Lil' Woman said...

I miss Universal....glad the 'big kids' had fun! :)