Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She Strikes Again.........

So, does anyone remember last year when my slightly crazy coworker "A" randomly told me that she had a feeling that The Guy was coming back and I should be ready for it? (Read #3)

Well, don't get too excited. He's not back.

However, she's back at it.

So, yesterday at a meeting, she brought him up. She was complimenting him on something he did forever ago and saying she wished he was still here. Our manager was all surprised and impressed.

I, of course, texted him to tell him about the props. He was pleased. That was all of that conversation.

Today, I said, "Hey, A. I told TG about your little props in the meeting yesterday. He thought it was really nice and said to say thanks."

She was like, "Awwwww. That's so nice. I'm glad you told him. I was serious...... I do wish he'd come back. When do you think he will?"

Me - "Haha.... probably never."

A - "Really? He likes it up there?"

Me - "Oh, no. He hates it up there. He's just biding his time until he can find a place he DOES like."

A - "No. He's growing up. He's trying to figure out what is important in life. And, then, honey, he's coming after you."

Me - "Haha..... I don't think so."

A - "You don't? Because, I do. I just wonder how long it's going to take for him to come and sweep you off your feet."

Ok.......... keep in mind......... I. don't. talk. to. her. about. this. subject.

Other than the conversation we had a year ago, I don't even speak his name to her.

Sure, every now and again, we'll have a "Men Are Stupid" chat (usually about other men), but I don't talk to her about him. At all.

So, this time, I did what I didn't do last year............

Me - "What? Is it like tattooed across my forehead or something?"

A - "Eh, kind of."

Me - "Really? Am I that obvious?"

A - "Not you. Both of you. Not obvious. I can just tell. I've studied you, honeychild ----- yes, she says that word ----- and I can just tell. It's more your faked disinterest that tells the tale."

Me - "How long have you known?"

A - "Since the first time I saw the two of you together. I don't know how anyone could look at the two of you and not know that you two felt something for one another." ---- Yes, she said that.

Me - "Are you kidding me right now?"

A - "No. I'm telling you. He cares about you in a way that he's never felt before. And, it scares him. So, he's running. He'll wake up."

Me - "A, you're not really helping me right now. I'm trying to move on."

A - "You're not going to move on. You can try, but you're not going to move on."

Me - "No, but seriously. I need to move on."

A - "Says who?"

Me - "General society."

A - "They're wrong."

Me - "Look, he can feel all the things in the world, but if he never goes for it, I'm going to waste my life waiting on a man who refuses to love me back."

A - "He already loves you back. You've never told me how you felt and I knew it. I'm telling you that I know the same is true for him. If you two are supposed to be together, why would you waste your life with a replacement?"

Me - "A, you are REALLY not helping my cause, right now."

A - "Because I'm telling you all the things that you're too afraid to hear. All the things that you've quieted inside your head for so long. Trust me. It will happen. I feel it in my gut. And, while you walk down the aisle to marry that man, you'll look at me and know that I was right."

There was more to the conversation. A lot more. Mainly her telling me how scared I am. How scared he is. How we're both being stupid. How he's putting up walls. How I'm putting up walls.

The above were the main points. The points that were slightly seared into my brain. That kind of left me feeling like I was in the twilight zone.

Honestly, I'm still shaking my head over it.

I wish I had it on tape, so I could play the whole thing for ya'll.

Proving her correct, I don't really buy all of that. But, like it did a year ago, it made me feel like I wasn't delusional the whole time, lol. She was pretty adamant that HE was just as much a culprit in the "those two have something" vibes as I was.

Seriously. It kind of freaked me out. How WEIRD is that?


Melissa said...

That is crazy!! And weird! And really cool! HAHA! I mean... I am kind of excited, wondering if she's right or not. I don't know her track record for these sorts of things! But just keep living your life, girl. And if she's right, he will come back for you. And if she's not, someone else way better will! :) :)

I know... my mind would be reeling from that conversation, too! HAHA!


Gina said...

Oh dear God, I hope she's right.

Brittany Ann said...

WHAT? OH man, I'm with Gina. This is freaky, though. Are you wigging out? I would be!