Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Last Rodeo

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Regardless of whether or not you listen to Country music, odds are that you've heard of Brooks & Dunn. They're kind of up there with Willie Nelson, Reba, George Strait, and Garth Brooks.

If you haven't ever heard of them, then climb out from under the rock and head to the nearest music store. Because, as of Sept 2nd, seeing them in concert won't be an option. Because, they're retiring and are currently on their farewell tour.......... you know, until they decide to go on a reunion tour.

On June 11, 2010, B&D made their last stop in the Center of the Sunshine State. I, of course, made sure I was there, lol.

Jason Aldean was opening for them. Let it be known that I LOVE Jason Aldean. Even more than B&D. Are you noticing a trend, so far, this summer? I am enjoying the opening acts better than the headliners.

Also let it be known that Jason Aldean is the reason it took me almost a month to get this posted. It took this long to get the pictures on his website (many times, they won't let you use your own camera).

Me with Jason Aldean

In between the first opening act and Jason Aldean (the first guy is someone I'll leave unnamed...... I personally think he's a joke), my friends and I met up. We toasted, chatted, and chilled until it was time for Jason's act.

M and I

LA and I

G and I

Yay for Jason!!!

"Why does it always have to come down to you leaving, before I'll say I love you? Why do I always use the words that cut the deepest when I know how much it hurts you? Oh, baby, why do I do that to you?"

"Whoah, whoah... throw your suitcase in the back. Whoah, whoah... done gassed up the Pontiac. Whoah, whoah.... blasting out to JOHNNY CASH! Headin' for the highway, baby we ain't ever comin back!!"

Part of the miniature museum they had set up full of B&D relics......

J and I

Me.......... with Brooks & Dunn

After the Meet and Greet, I headed to find my parents. I took a picture with my mom, but she didn't like any of the pictures and made me swear not to post them anywhere.

Jeff and I

Some random couple that I don't know...... the guy saw me taking pictures and wanted me to take one of them....... even though I don't know them and have no way to give them their picture.

My friend Ash and I

Time for the Last Rodeo...........

J and I

J with our impromtu bodyguard............ there were no chairs where our seats were supposed to be. Which left us standing for the majority of the show. Which made us enemies of the people behind us, because we couldn't sit during slow songs. They were mad. However, it wasn't our fault........ and neither us nor the venue wanted us to sit on the ground like some "nice" man "suggested" we do. So, this guy basically stood next to us and defended us everytime someone started yelling at us. Eventually, they brought us chairs.

"Only In America"...... I teared up when the military men came out.

Red, White, and Blue Streamers!!!!!


Brittany Ann said...

I saw Jason Aldean a while back and loved him!

Also, every country concert I'm at, when they bring the servicemen out, I BAWL. Even before P joined, I cried like a baby. Those soldiers, et. al., get my every time!

Marianne said...

mmmm I love Jason Aldean! He makes me swoon ;)

But I need to know who the first opening act was. I'm racking my brain for pathetic country singers, and nothing is sticking out...

Lil' Woman said...

I'm so jealous of the people you get to meet and shows you get to see...your a lucky gal.

Yellow House Knits said...

Oh, I'm jealous! I've always wanted to see Brooks & Dunn live! And Jason Aldean is really making a name for himself. What fun!

Gina said...

Love the soldiers. I am a sucker for anything military-related. Who was the joke opening act?

Mrs. Potts said...

I love Brooks and Dunn and will miss them. They've had such a wonderful career.

The last time that Mr. Potts and I were in Nashville, we went to Kix Brooks' winery. It was amazing!!