Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Minute

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Monday Minute

What's your real name?

Jessica Elizabeth Abby............. yep, I have two middle names. They are on my birth certificate, driver's license, social security card, etc.

Have you ever fabricated a story or anything on your blog?

No. Above all, the blog is for me and things I want to remember. I may omit certain details for my safety or my family/friends' safety........... or, out of respect for them..... but, I don't lie about it.

When in the car do you listen to the radio/CDs/iPod/etc?

Usually, I listen to the radio in the morning. To a station I don't work for, lol. There's a morning show that I've listened to since I was in middle school that I still listen to on my way into work.

Other times, I'll alternate between one of our stations or a CD or my IPod. Or, complete silence, lol. A lot of times, it's complete silence. I listen to the radio for over 40 hours per week...... one is playing in our halls all day long, plus anytime you walk past a studio, that station is blasting out. So, when I get in my car, I like to hear nothing for a while, lol.

Describe the 'sexiest' item of clothing that you own

I have no idea. Do shoes count? I have a couple of pairs of really great shoes.

Would you be willing to breastfeed your friend's three year old child?

No. I won't be breastfeeding my own child when he/she is three.

If my friend's child is thirsty or hungry, I'll pour them a glass of milk and make them a sandwich.


Ian said...

Mind making me a sandwich too? :)

Aimee said...

Love your answers.

I think that if a kid has a full set of teeth (or close to it) and can ask for the boob by name then I think it is past the time to take them off the breast milk lol. Love your answer for that.


Lil' Woman said...

Lol....What kind of question is that last one....who would do that?