Friday, July 23, 2010

With friends like these..........

You can get through anything!

I know that I tend to wax poetic whenever I mention my best friends from high school, but I seriously just adore them. I'm so glad we're all working to see one another more often, because I really miss all of them.

Last night, four of the five of us went to dinner. Remember, last month four of us met for dinner when one was visiting Florida on vacation. We decided then and there that we would meet up at least every other month, for dinner, so that we wouldn't lose touch. A couple of them hadn't seen each other in almost three years!

This time, it was Wolfgang Puck's Cafe in Downtown Disney. I only wish that Wolfgang himself would pay me to tell you how in love with the Pumpkin Ravioli I am. However, he won't pay me to do it, so I'll tell you, for free. I love it. I had actually been looking forward to it for over two weeks.

Shannon, Ash, and I were coming from one direction, while Meg was coming from the opposite. The three of us rode together which provided some much needed chatting time (and prompted Meg to say, "What did ya'll talk about in the car? I want to know what I missed out on."...... I'm actually considering putting her on speaker-phone the next time, so she doesn't miss out on the fun conversation).

Our reservation was at 8pm (we learned our lesson from last time), but my four friends and I are always late. I mean, ALWAYS. We pretty much know that we need to tell one another 15-30 mins ahead of what the actual time is, in order for us to make it on time. Despite our plan to be there at 7:45, we didn't get there until 8:15.

I'll admit that I was a little worried that they wouldn't hold our reservation. I meekly went up to the hostess and told her we had a reservation, but were running late.

When she replied, "That does happen sometimes." and assigned us a table that we were then whisked off to, I remembered just why I love Disney so much. I'm fairly certain that if we'd gone anywhere else in Orlando and arrived 15 minutes late, they would have made us pay for it by huffing, puffing, and taking 30 to get us a table.

Not Disney. And, not Wolfgang.

For the next two hours, we laughed, reminisced, talked about blogging, shared plans/hopes for the future, ate, shared our dining/dessert options, and calculated when would be the best time to meet next without getting too close to Meg's due date.

BTW, I dreamt that she was having a girl and what the name would be. I was right about the girl and I have high hopes for the name (the three people I've told agree that it's a name they could see her naming her baby). I also want to put a bid in for the birthdate. Could be TOTALLY wrong about this (wouldn't be the first time), but I say October 17th. Stay tuned for updates on Jess' prediction score.

When it was all said and done, I walked into my house feeling so satisfied and loved. I really, truly hope that I give them even half of what they give me in the form of friendship, support, and love.

Ash, Meg, Me, and Shannon

And, just because........... here are just a few reasons that my friends and I have made it for this long........

  • We have no qualms about asking each other if we stink and smelling each other to make sure everything's good (probably comes from cheering together for so long, lol).
  • We allow one another to unbutton our pants in the car when we're so stuffed from dinner, we can't possibly make the 45 minute drive without busting a seam.
  • We can tell one another how eating our dinner a certain way makes it taste better. -- Shannon tasted Ash's meal and then ordered her, "Eat your Sage, Ash! It's so much better that way!"
  • We can be slightly sarcastic with one another and think it's hysterical.---- Ash needing to use the restroom and me saying with all authority, "It's that way." only to be told that my powers of direction were great because....... well, we were right by the window and the only thing behind us was a lake and the kitchen, lol.


Sonya said...

Sounds fun! It's great that you all live semi-close to each other!

Lil' Woman said...

It's always fun together with girlfriends!!

Brittany Ann said...

I love my girlfriends. Like you:)

kjlangford said...

After a rough time with your friend from work, I'm so glad you had a great time with these ladies.

Gina said...

I couldn't live without my girls either! :)