Monday, December 13, 2010

At least my intentions were good..........

Hello fellow Bloggers.

I stand write before you a confession about my own inefficiency.

This morning, I went into work, took care of the immediate tasks, and then left at 11:30am. I had a to-do list a mile long.........

1) Go to the bank.
2) Pick up Christmas Cookies that Ninny baked for my office.
3) Go to a Gator store to pick up a present for my brother.
4) Go eat lunch.
5) Get my eyebrows waxed.
6) Go to the gym.
7) Do laundry.
8) Go to a local Vera Bradley location to pick up a present.
9) Finish designing/ordering my personalized Christmas Cards.
10) Run by the Post Office to mail two packages that have been waiting to be sent since October.
11) Go to Downtown Disney and order some specialty gifts. This was on the list, but I never expected to complete it.

This is what I accomplished, instead.....

1) Went by the Gator store and bought present.
2) Stopped by Ninny's to pick up cookies, ate 3, and chatted for about 45 mins.
3) Went by the VB store and bought presents.
4) Met my mom and Lydia for lunch.
5) Went to the bank.
6) Took Lydia home for my mom and put her down for her nap.
7) An hour and some change later, my mom got home and actually got her asleep.
8) Finished designing/ordering personalized Christmas Cards while catching up on my recorded programs...... with an M&M break with Lydia when she got up from her nap.

Which means........

* I'm already one day behind on my gym promise for this week and three cookies fatter. Even with 1/2 a day off.

* My eyebrows are still a hot mess. Just yesterday, our Worship Leader at church declared this month to be Decembrow..... the month where women don't shape their eyebrows. Apparently, I'm joining in.

* I'm almost out of laundry. Hope is not completely lost. I'm going to try to do at least one load, tonight.

* I'll probably have to wait until Friday to get to Downtown Disney. Please pray that my items will be ready by Christmas.


mrsashcake said...

awww this sounds a little like the way my to do lists go... except i could basically NEVER go to work, get the necessary done and then leave early to get stuff done for me. that wouldn't fly... so my to do list sits. and sits.

fun stuff! :]

Anonymous said...

It will humor you to know that the only thing I HAVE accomplished this month is my eyebrow wax.

If only we could join forces.