Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend: ICE!

We are turning ICE! into a tradition, of sorts, lol. The night before Megan and Bryan headed back home, we headed back to Orlando to Gaylord Palms.

This year's theme is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and it really was the best, yet! Previously, there hasn't been a set theme..... just fun scenes. However, the event led you through the whole story...... so much fun and just a perfect way to carry you through the wonderland.

All bundled up!!!!

A premonition into the next 20-30 minutes?

"Gecka...... I COLD!!!!"

Being stupid......

The slides were awesome, this year. We took Lydia down the kiddie slide. Only, about a 1/4 of the way down, she got stuck and was trying to turn around to crawl back up to me. At that point, she started sliding down again............ "Gecka, Gecka, Gecka!!!!!!!!"

We all went down the slides a couple times. By this point, Lydia was going, "No slide, no slide...... I COLD!!!!"

We decided to make it a quick run through of the rest of the event, because the poor baby's teeth were chattering (we bundled her up really well, I promise) and hugging her under our jackets wasn't working.

Mom, Lydia, and Jeff

My favorite part, every year...... the glass-like Nativity Scene.

Megan and Bryan

Trevor, Megan, me, and Megan

Happy about finding Rudolph (and much warmer!)

Not quite a fan of being stuck up there, but we couldn't pass up this photo op!

The Atrium...........

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Krystal said...

Every year I always say I'm going to go and never make it! Next year, for SURE! :)