Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carrie Underwood Concert (10/25/10)

This Fall has been so busy, I just realized that I have TWO MONTHS worth of posts/pictures to share.

First up....... well, two things............

In early October, I had the opportunity to meet up with Kristen from Southern Web Girl!!! She and her husband were visiting Disney, so we got together at EPCOT for lunch. Some yummy pizza (Via Napoli), delicious dessert (thanks to the Food and Wine Festival), and lots of chatting ensued! Kristen and her husband were sooooooo awesome and welcoming. I loved visiting with them!!

On Monday, October 25th, Carrie Underwood came to town. I've been a fan of hers since her initial audition on American Idol..... I voted for her every single week.... so, I was really excited to see her concert.

Me and M went to the show!

Billy Currington opened for her. I *heart* Billy Currington.

Such a pretty set!!

I loved three things about her concert.....

1) Her amazing voice (although the sound guy took a few songs to keep her from sounding like she was on helium)

2) Her AWESOME clothes.

3) The beautiful sets.


In the middle of the show, she came out over the audience in a pick-up truck. Too cool!

Carrie and a guy from Sons of Sylvia. I honestly wasn't too impressed with SoS, however, I do like the song they sang together (on her album).

Her "duet" with Randy Travis......

Probably my favorite part of the concert..... Mama's Song. I loved the pictures of her growing up with her mom and ending with a picture from her wedding. When the crowd went crazy, she just looked up with a sweet smile...... it made me tear up.

Overall, it was an amazing concert and I was so glad I got to go!!!


Marianne said...

hahahaha this post sounds exactly like mine from April! I loved her show and knew you would, too! Her clothes were friggin fab and I covet her shoes. And body.

Jealous you saw Billy though. Craig Morgan was great, but, Billy makes me swoon. SoS was lame.

So glad you had a great time!!

Anonymous said...

I saw this exact same concert in Boise back in May and loved it! I also love her latest album. Love love love! I loved the part of the show with the swing and then I got some cool iPhone pics of her in the truck.

What I wouldn't give to trade lives with her just for ONE day :)

Amy Lynn said...

Carrie Underwood is GORGEOUS! I love her! I can't believe she came out over the audience in that truck, so cool! Looks like it was a great concert :)

Kristen said...

So when can I come move to Florida and run your station's social media? teehee.

I had such a great time back in October too! Would you believe I have not had my hair cut since 6that picture, I'm a mess!

Lil' Woman said...

I love Carrie Underwood...you got some great pics! :)