Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lydie-Lu Turned TWO!! (11/20/10)

We love this little girl. Like she's our own.

So, on her actual 2nd birthday, when both of her parents had to work, we decided to make a special day for our Lydie-Lu!

"I two!!"

We decided to go to Busch Gardens where they have a Sesame Street land. Elmo is Lydia's one true love, so we knew she'd be thrilled, lol.

At first, she didn't quite get it. Then, all bets were off. She was estatic at all the characters! She wanted to hug them and kiss them and "Give high-five."

Lydia and "Gecka" waiting in line for Burt and Ernie

I'm pretty sure that the people in these characters thought she was the cutest kid there, that day. They all made a point of motioning to her Elmo outfit and spent a lot of time with her.

They have this adorable show "A is for Africa" that highlights several characters. They dance around, play games, and go through the audience. After the show, you can meet the characters.

Grover and Zoe

Abby and Cookie Monster

For Elmo, you couldn't take your own pictures :(. We did buy the ones they took, though. We would have bought them anyway, so I wish they could have let us get her reaction. She was awestruck that she was in the same room as Elmo. She kept saying, "Elmo!!!!!! Elmo!!!! Love you...... High-five!..... Kisses!"

One more time with Big Bird......

After all the characters were met, hugged, kissed, and high-fived, we rode a few of the rides that Lydia was tall enough to ride.

When the park was closing, Lydia started crying, lol. "Go back, go back! Elmo! Miss Elmo!! Big Bird.... Abby.... Zoe..... Grover..... Cookie.... miss them. Go back. Please?"

We promised we would come back another day and headed to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

This was a KID'S sundae!

After an eventful day, we packed it up and headed home.

Want to hear the cutest thing ever? Lydia singing "Happy Birthday" (I am, too..... excuse my horrible singing) and having trouble with her "packpack."


Marianne said...

Too cute!!! But how lame the only character you can't take your own pic with is Elmo. Looks like she had a blast :)

And dude, I can tell you've lost weight, your clothes are falling off of you! Lookin' good, girl ;)

Kristen said...

OMG how cute! My favorite when I was little was Cookie Monster. (: