Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the first day of vacation.....

............. my true self gave to me.................

Full permission to go out in public with no shower, no make-up, nasty hair, and no care for appearances.

Sure enough, I ran into someone I knew.

However, it was a coworker with a long-standing crush on me....... that I have no interest in..... and, therefore, I still didn't care that I looked like poop.


Great news................ I got my eyebrows waxed! No more Decembrow for Jessica!

I also got my hair cut and highlighted.

Which is part of the reason I didn't bother with my hair. I'm fully on the "have crappy hair when you walk in the salon" train. Some of my friends are the exact opposite and will gussy up their hair before going in. They say that they want to make sure everyone at the salon knows that the stylist has great clients who take care of their hair.

Not I, said the fly.

I pretty much always have the worst hair imaginable when I walk in to get my hair done.

The ironic part? We all go to the same stylist........ one of my/our best friends. Thankfully, she loves me and doesn't care that my hair looks horrible when I walk in. She knows I can do my hair (although not as well as she can do my hair) and I prove it to her outside of the salon.

And, that was the big news of the day.

Well, not really, but posting about it would break my pact. So, I might post about it in about a week.

But, basically, the big news of the day.... Jess is a slob, but now has nice eyebrows and hair.

Clearly, I need to take my blog posts and publish them into a novel. This post being the creme de la creme of all blog posts.


Kristen said...

I would give anything to get my hair and eyebrows did about now! No haircut since August, no eyebrow wax since ....?

I got your Christmas photo card today! LOVE IT! Thank you so much!

Lil' Woman said...

You look great no matter what girl...I also got my brows done....doesn't it make you feel so much better?

Gina said...

I NEVER do my hair before getting it done. I do always do my makeup though...I want to look my best when it's done!