Friday, September 14, 2012

Born to Dance

Several months ago, I was walking to my car after lunch and the passing car stopped. After rolling down the window, I recognized the pair in there and heard, "MISS JESSICA!!!"

It was one of my dance students. One that I'd taught for 7 years and is now almost 14. She jumped out of the passenger seat, ran around the car, and grabbed me in this huge hug. She'd always been one of my favorites (face it, we have them, lol) and it was soooo wonderful to see her.

I was there when she lost her first tooth. I held her backstage at the recital when she was afraid of the dark wings, but was also afraid to go on that big scary stage with all the people and lights. I was there when she had her first mouthy attempt..... and promptly informed her that I wouldn't tolerate it.


This week, my cousin's daughter started her first dance class.... joining Emma and Abby. I went with her to get her first pair of tap shoes.


It hit me just how much I missed "my" kids and teaching dance.

The studio I took from and taught at, for over 22 years, closed a month before I got my full-time position at the station. Honestly, I believe it was a God thing. Knowing myself, I would have tried to do both and there is just NO way that would work. Especially that first six months in my job.

But, I still miss it. It was a huge part of my daily life, for the majority of my life. In a lot of ways, I feel like I've completely abandoned it. 

I take Zumba classes because it allows me to get some of that "dance" out. And, auditioning for that play this summer certainly reignited that fire. I miss being in class..... maybe I should try to find an adult class somewhere.

I also miss teaching. The little girls bounding in the studio with their cute leotards and tights.... all excited to catch you up with everything that happened in the past week. Going over the movements and watching them master it. Planning for the recital... the costumes, the routines, the crazy backstage plan (of which I was called "the Nazi" because I had everything down to the minute and dared anyone to mess that up), the lights, the massive amounts of make-up and hairspray. I do miss all of that.

Sometimes, it feels like a different lifetime. 

I love my job and my life. And, hopefully, I will be able to find a way to fit dance back into it in a more regular way, at some point.


Do you have something that used to be a huge part of your life that you don't do anymore? What was it? Do you hope to "bring it back" at some point or is it a completely closed chapter?


LWLH said...

I never had any certain 'thing' but I do hope I stick to this photography biz, I love it.

This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

I feel the same way about Dance! I danced for 16 years and I miss it! I took a dance class in college and it was fun but it wasn't the same!