Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

The special Fall TV Preview Edition of Entertainment Weekly is out.

Ever since I was a child, I look forward to this (or TV Guide's version). I'm ok with the fact that it makes me seem crazy/sad/pathetic/obsessed.

Now, excuse me while I go highlight my shows and make sure my DVR is programmed appropriately.


Big Brother is ending tomorrow. So is So You Think You Can Dance.

I always get a bit sad when this happens. I spend the summer getting all invested in these people and then it is just over.

With that said.... I want Dan to win BB. I just do. His game has been pretty brilliant this year. The fact that he could play completely differently than he did last time and still make it this far amazes me.

I do love Ian. I also love Danielle. But, I want Dan to win.


Ok, summer. I am ready for you to be over.

Hurricane season, you can go, too.

The humidity. The heat. The atmospheric pressure that is giving me horrible headaches the past week.

All of you can hit the road.


Before my little virtual shopping spree yesterday, I had already bought these shoes.....

I know they look painful. I know they look like potential death.

But, on?

On, they look incredible. On, they attract compliments from men and women, alike.

On, they actually feel pretty good.

Yesterday, I wore them all day and into the evening. Other than having to take them off, so that I could run downstairs quickly, they never left my feet. I tend to ditch my heels right after lunchtime, but these puppies didn't bother me a bit.

Plus, they went really well with the dress I got from Old Navy.... that was also featured on the Today Show last week (excuse the mirror that needs to be cleaned).


The Gangnam Style video and parodies?

Endless entertainment.



I am seriously considering selling Scentsy.



Sonya said...

I'd like to see Dan pull it off and win as well. Love the dress with the shoes! I picked that dress up in the red, but I didn't like it on myself. It looks cute on you!

Gina said...

Those shoes are HOT! I can't wear heels so I'll live vicariously through you. You should post weekly adventures of you in those shoes.