Monday, September 10, 2012

Massive Monday Phone Dump

This is from July 4th...... All of those people? My coworkers and their families. I think it's hysterical that even on our day off, we all end up together, lol.


My brother and my Uncle Bobby were talking on Skype. It was his birthday, so he wanted a picture together......

Uncle Bobby decided to play poker with them, lol.

Confession.... I have started an "Outfit of the Day" album on my phone. Here is one. Mainly, I just want to make sure that I don't wear the same thing too often (I get into a habit of wearing the same favorites over and over). Especially now that I have a lot of cute new work clothes.

*Sigh*... I love this little guy. My friend M has had some HORRIBLE complications after delivering. She hasn't been able to walk without a walker since his birth.... among other things. Anyway, one day she needed a bunch of tests, so my mom and I went with her. While we were waiting, he fell asleep on me (turns out that she had abscesses/Staph in her SI joints... she's still on antibiotics and pain meds).

I mean, really...... How could you not just die over this face?

Speaking of faces to die over..... My mom started watching Lydia's 2nd cousin, Irelynn. That family makes adorable babies.

A ballerina fishing.........

My core lunch group at work started a tradition of Birthday dinners, last year. My birthday starts off the round in August, there are two in Sept, and then one in Nov. It's a fun little celebration! They took me to this yummy local steak place and this was my "birthday cake."

In the middle of the first week of school for our county, I stopped in at Wal-Mart. This is what I saw..... It made me happy.........

Yes, these are actual shoes. Yes, someone was actually wearing them.

On my birthday, my family and my cousin's family went to Disney World. They hadn't been since they were here visiting 18 months ago and this time they live here (and were getting their Annual Passes!). 

Anthony was "my" 20th birthday present. This was the first year that we've been able to celebrate our birthday together :)

For dinner, we ended up meeting Trevor and his girlfriend Lauren at Outback (after which we headed back to Disney - Hollywood Studios that round). We constantly make jokes to the fact that Lydia and "Sadboy" should end up married. "Do you Lydia take Sadboy to be your lawful wedded husband..... in good times and in Sad...."

Anyway, this happened at the other end of the table. It was adorable and proved our point.

Our local symphony does a fundraiser event at the beginning of their season. It involves food and martinis. We decided that the Watermelon Martini was our favorite.....

Last Friday (August 31st) was our annual Grand Opening of Disney On Ice. We have made it a tradition to have a "Girls' Night" and this year, Bella and Heidi got to join us! It was a wonderful show.... loved the addition of Merida :)

Emma and Lydia were inseparable.......

Abby and Bella were partners-in-crime, lol.......

Have I mentioned How.Much.Fun. it is to have Heidi and her family living here? We all get together at least twice a week for a meal and fun. Saturday, we had a Gator party. I made Buffalo Chicken Dip....... OMG, amazing. I'm not kidding when I say that the dish looked like this before the dip could even cool.

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