Sunday, August 9, 2009

It just isn't summer without a Chesney concert....

Last night was friggin AWESOME! I've been to a total of four Chesney concerts, but this one was super special. We got a bit of the VIP treatment.... nice, lol.

J's husband didn't really want to go, so we went together. When we got there, it was POURING. Like, torrential downpour. In fact, two years ago, the concert was on the first day of Hurricane Season and there was a Tropical Storm. It rained more last night than it did then.

After a bit of drama, we got to our little reserved parking spot next to the backstage gate. Our rep met us out there and gave us our "stuff."

First bit of business.....

Lady Antebellum and I

Right after meeting them, we were going to meet Miranda Lambert. However, it started pouring, once again. We decided to run for cover, instead, lol. Love ya, Miranda, but not when it's raining and lightening.

It started letting up, some. We borrowed an umbrella from a complete stranger and went to our next Meet and Greet.

Um, yes.... that would be me with KC.

As super fun as it was to meet Kenny, it took up half of the Lady A show. I LOVE THEM, so I was a bit sad about that. The funny thing was that I know their music so well that I was singing along with them (it was really hard to hear) while standing in line. J found it amusing.

We got back to our seats in time for the last half of their show. I absolutely adore them. They even played two songs off their album that aren't singles.... Love's Lookin Good On You and All We'd Ever Need. Those two are my favorites on the album, so I was pumped to hear them live.

In between Lady A and Miranda Lambert, I found a couple of friends that were seated nearby. We chatted for a while and then I went back to my seat.

Miranda Lambert

This chick is really hard to get pictures of... she moves around so much. Luckily she took a seat for "More Like Her".... that's actually my favorite song she sings.

After Miranda left the stage, we met up with our rep. He hooked us up with a little more VIP treatment. We love him, lol.

Our rep with J....

Our rep and I....

They were clearing everyone out... which meant the Big Man was getting ready to take the stage. We went back to our seats and got ready for the main event!

I love that we got "Kenny Chesney 2009" in the background. I'm a dork.... I know.

Kenny Chesney!!!!!

He puts on SUCH a great show. If you EVER get the chance to go to a show.... GO. Don't hesitate. He's amazing and seriously one of the best entertainers. He has so much energy.

If you look in the top right, you can see him, too.

I love it when he stops what he's doing and just enjoys the crowd. He gets such a kick out of everyone. I'm telling you, it's a giant party. Everyone sings and dances and just lets loose for as long as the music lasts.

Miranda thinks his tractor's sexy.

His encore was a little short. Our rep confirmed that he usually goes longer... and would have. However, there are really strict rules surrounding the Ford Amp. If the show isn't done by 11pm, they have to pay a hefty fine. Unfortunately, the venue is in the middle of some residential areas that sued because of the noise. Hence, the 11pm curfew. :(

Sadly, it had to end. I always get sad at the end of a Kenny show. You have to wait yet another year for the party to come around. Some people complain about the heat and the fact that he does outdoor venues in Florida. But, I wouldn't want it any other way. It just fits Kenny.

After the show, we headed across the street to the casino with our rep. Again, loads of fun. We got home around 3:15am. Yeah, late night, lol.

... and, all of the above is why "Kenny Chesney concerts" are one of the six reasons I like summer, lol.

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