Sunday, November 15, 2009

A 9 year old miracle.

This week was crazy busy (did you see my Weekly Workout Blog?... sad). Not only is it the start of the holidays, but we gave away a car on Saturday. It's been so stressful, that when it was all over, I was ready to chill.

What's the best way to de-stress? Spend time with some of your favorite people.

Evan is turning 9 years old this week and Saturday afternoon was his party. We met at this gorgeous nature reserve in town (that I didn't even know existed, lol). Evan wanted to geo-cache, so that is what the kids and some of the adults did for the first part of the party. The rest of us showed up for the food, lol.

When I got there, I was greeted by a super hug from the Abster. There is nothing in the world like a happy little face running to you and jumping into your arms for a big hug.

Abby takes a couple seconds out of her busy schedule to snuggle with "Aunt Meg"

David loves his Nana!!

How cool is this cupcake cake?!

Meg with her sweet baby boy. Sometimes, it still blows my mind that we're at the "baby stage" in life. Well, they are, lol... I'm still not at the "marriage stage."

I always wanted a rock tumbler...

Emma with her chocolate on chocolate cupcake. Give this girl an option and she will ALWAYS choose the most chocolate possible, lol.

David and Daddy

Abby-doodle has a better way of eating a cupcake...

Aunt Meg and Uncle James got Evan a Chemistry set. I swear, this child is smarter than I'll ever be.

He also got his own GPS.... see, I told you... way smarter.

Life is all about moments like this....

and this....

and this...

We weren't sure what they were planning, but it looks like trouble, lol.

Then, they decided that making David laugh by growling would be better.

Here's where the miracle part come in. Evan is a twin.... he was born very prematurely and his brother Ethan was called up to Heaven. Each birthday, they send balloons up to wish Ethan a Happy Birthday.

Miss Diva..... Mia was just saying last weekend at David's party how Emma and I always great pictures. LOL, that's because she's the only one out of the three kids that LOVES to have her picture taken. She'll pose until the sun goes down... the other two are too busy to be bothered, lol.

Point proven, lol.........

He posed, but not with me, lol. "I'm already in my seat Miss Jessica."

Mia and I....

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Beth Dunn said...

So cute, such great pictures. Looks like the perfect way to unwind xo