Monday, November 16, 2009

Pray for Ninny, please

Hi everyone... I'm blogging today to ask that you pray for my mom's mom.... my Ninny.

She's been in the hospital for the past week with H1N1 (aka "Swine Flu"). That was a little nerve-wracking, but she was doing well. They had her quarantined, so we couldn't go see her.

Well, this morning, she had a stroke. Thanks be to God that she was already in the hospital, because they caught it almost immediately. They were able to get the proper medicine in her.

She's in the ICU, right now. Already, she seems to be doing better. She's talking very clearly. She couldn't move her left side or even move her eyes to the left earlier today. However, when I was able to visit her, she already was able to look to the left. She also can move her left leg and her left fingers. She is still weak, but making great progress.

I'll be honest.... it scared me to death. Ninny and my mom (and other family members) have a lot of medical issues. Someone from my family is always being admitted. To be honest, I've become pretty desensitized to it. Call it a defense or coping mechanism... call it selfishness... I don't know what to call it, but it rarely phases me, anymore. However, it was alarming that she was put in the hospital for H1N1. That was nothing compared to getting the call that she'd just had a stroke.

Like I said, she's doing well. They are still assessing the damage from the stroke and trying to figure out why/where it happened. More importantly, they are doing everything possible to prevent a 2nd stroke. They suspect that H1N1 might be a factor.

Please do me a favor and add Ninny to your prayers in the next few days.


PaigeR530 said...

Saying extra special prayers!

Lil' Woman said...

Ninny and your family are in my prayers! :)