Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Horror Nights.... take two

But first, another concert at Music Ranch (Wed, 10/22).

Josh Thompson is fairly new, with his first single being "Beer on the Table"... but the crowd was excited for him and he put on a GREAT show for them.

Josh and his guitarist Wesley pose with P from Music Ranch and his family....

Another, "Hey, I know we've both been working all night and you're about to leave, but can we get a quick picture" picture.

The next morning, J and I got up super early and headed to Universal for another broadcast. We were flat-out exhausted, but were excited to go hang out for the day.

Homer stuck his finger up J's nose....

J and I in front of the Broadcast Center. If you're ever at Universal, it's slightly hidden, even though there's a sign, lol. It's right next to the candy store which is right down from Mel's Diner.

While we were there, the whole pilot/airport/heated argument/Minne-friggin-sota drama was playing out on the news. J took use of some special sound effects to comment on it, lol.........

J, B, and I.... B runs the Broadcast Center and also works part-time at our station...

I should have taken pictures of all the decorations in the Green Room. B and T did an awesome job decorating, lol.

J found a new boyfriend....

... aren't they a cute couple?

I may just fight her for him, lol.

Once we were done with our broadcast, we met up with one of our record reps, C. The plan was actually for him to hang out with us during the broadcast and then us all do HHN together. Unfortunately, his plans changed mid-morning and he couldn't get there until late afternoon.

C and I waiting for HHN to start.

The traditional "A shark is eating my arm" picture....

You'll remember my first ever Halloween Horror Nights experience. I was much braver this time around. By "braver," I mean that I didn't cry, lol. Having been through all the houses before, I took the "Let's try to look at all the sets and not be scared" method. I still screamed like a little girl whenever anyone jumped out at me (and I still had to have C and J go in before me), but I didn't cry, lol.

We're not sure why he makes this face in every single picture, but we think it's funny...

We had so much fun and one of my favorite parts were the "Let's sit and talk" breaks. It was a LONG day and night, full of lots of fun. But, it was really nice to occasionally take a break from the ghosts and goblins to catch up. We don't get to see C often enough.

Most people require lots and lots of alcohol for HHN. J and I did partake in the beginning of the evening, however, it was really Starbucks that got us through the night, lol.

Cheesin it up for the camera..

See what I mean about being braver? I actually took a picture with one, this time. This guy was so into character that he accidentally spit on me. I promptly went to the bathroom and washed my arm off.

FYI - C is a GREAT guy, rep, and friend, but a HORRIBLE protector against all things scary. He was so into looking at all the sets and props in the houses, that he would just stand there. We were like, "MOVE before someone jumps out at us!" Then, he'd just walk off and leave us.

Mel's "DIE-In"....

I had SUCH a great time. This Friday morning, J sent me a text as I was getting ready for work, "Um, can we pretend that it's last Friday and just head to Universal?" - AMEN!

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