Friday, November 20, 2009

"Goin Out With My Boots On"

First things first....

THANK YOU for the prayers for Ninny! She is home and doing SO well! She's on medicine to try to prevent another stroke from happening and they are keeping tabs on her, with follow-up appts. However, she's home and almost back to "normal."

Wednesday, we had another concert at Music Ranch.... Randy Houser. It was actually the last in our four part concert series. We wrapped it up by asking our listeners to bring new toys for Toys for Tots. We collected SOOOO many toys!! Very exciting!

M and I

M, Randy, and R

The gang thanking everyone for coming and introducing Randy Houser

"Jennings would have kicked your &*$"

Randy actually brought his full band. SO AWESOME.

LA and I.... I wish everyone on the planet was able to hear LA's commentary on life. The girl keeps me in stitches, lol.

This little boy just so happens to look like the little boy in Randy's "Boots On" video. Randy was like, "Come on up, buddy!"

This is where I have the COOLEST video that I'm still trying to get Blogger to upload. Stupid, Blogger.

For those of you who know the song and know me, lol, "Boots On" basically describes everything I'm not attracted to. The song rocks, but it's a huge joke at work - "That's going to be your husband, Jess. A dirty old hat.... Copenhagen ring... your husband, for sure."

J always sings, "JESS-I-CA! I'm goin' out with my boots on!" She's got some of our coworkers doing this, too, lol. Seriously, this has been going on for almost a year.

Well, she got Randy to sing it, too, lol!!! On-stage and everything. It was hysterical. I have it on video, but dumb Blogger won't cooperate :(

C and I

J and Randy

C and P

Randy Houser and I

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