Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prince David turns 1!!

Quick family tree - Evan, Emma, and Abby are Mia's children, Mia is Meg's sister, Meg is David's mom, and I am just a super good friend of the family.

Baby David turned 1 year old on October 29th (which also happens to be my mom's birthday), but the whole gang got together yesterday to celebrate!

The Birthday Boy!

Evan practicing his tower building skills.

We tried to keep the girls occupied with their lunch, while David opened presents. Wanna guess how long that worked, lol?


Needs a little help....

... but, not for long!

He knew right what to do with the See N Say! He pulled the lever, first thing.

The toy that "Miss Jessica" got him..... he kept saying "Vroom, vroom."

"Ok, mom... you take care of reading the card and I'll make sure we've got the envelope covered."

Meg is such a great mommy.

Seriously, the cutest Noah's Ark, EVER. The animals made sounds and everything.

LOL, he wasn't sure what to do with the tunnel, at first. He would look through one end and then run around the tunnel to look through the other. Meg ended up putting his toys in the middle of it, so that he had to go in it. THEN, the toy became fun for him, lol!

A quick shot with Abby (and I mean, quick!... she was all over the place, lol)...

So cute... the place was pretty crowded. David does great with crowds, but isn't used to his house being so full. For the most part, he was cool with it. Every now and then, though, he'd look for his mom or dad, run to them, and need a quick snuggle. Once his break was over, he was back at it!

The kids "got" David a refrigerator toy just like the one they have, at home. He LOVES it.

Emma was super snuggly. I hadn't seen any of the kids since Disney On Ice. As soon as she walked through the door, she bypassed about three people and crawled into my lap for a great hug. Abby is usually the more "lovey" one, but Abs was too busy being the social butterfly, lol.

And, he's off!

Playing the piano...

The girls were silently BEGGING the adults to open up the house David received, lol.

Me with the coolest "8-almost-9" year old I know.

Such a ham, lol. David is such a happy baby.

He walked around like this for, like, 30 minutes straight. Then, later on, he did the same with his new toys, lol.... one in his mouth and two in each hand.

Having some all important Miss Jessica and Emma time....

Whoo-hoo!! We get to play with the toys now!!

Time to sing 'Happy Birthday'.... check out David trying to hide his face, lol.

After the cake smash!

Abby decided to adopt all the animals....

Aunt Mia plays with David and the girls.

Taking a minute to chat (or something along those lines, lol)...

I took a video of Abby and Evan, but neither of them would upload :( I can't figure out why, either.

Abby and Nana (FYI... "Nana" was one of my teachers in high school.)

Nana helps Emma write her letters.


YAY! I get some time with the Birthday Boy!

Two best friends.... Meg and I went to school together from Kindergarten through our Senior Year of High School. We've been besties since the 8th grade.

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Great pics...happy birthday baby david!