Sunday, November 22, 2009

Edward vs Jacob

I'm going to admit something. I went to see New Moon at midnight with all the obsessed fans, lol. My friend Jenn is literally obsessed with Edward Cullen and recruited a group of us to join her.

It actually was a lot of fun, lol. I about peed my pants when Jenn found out that the special cups at the theater were hard/reusable and then proceeded to buy everyone a drink, so that she could have a full set.

You may or may not remember my review of Twilight.

I still don't like Kristin Stewart as Bella. Sorry. I think she's a horrible Bella.

From the interviews I've seen of her, she acts in real life like she does in the films. This leads me to believe that she's not actually acting, but merely reciting lines and biting her bottom lip.

That said, I adored the movie!! Much better than the first!

You could tell that the budget was bigger and everyone knew they had to put 100% into New Moon. The acting was spot-on (except for the above mentioned) and the effects were great, too.

Keep in mind, please, I love Edward and totally feel he and Bella are meant to be together. However, I am a huge Jacob fan. The movie only increased that Jacob love, lol. It's a little sad that my mid 20-something friends were drooling over him in the theater (IRL, he's 17).

Definitely go out and see it!!


MLC84 said...

I agree this movie was great!! I believe that Kristin Stewart is on drugs half the time she does an interview or awards show. Something is definitely off...

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

I agree about Kristin Stewart! she is so awkward and weird in interviews and it drives me insane!

Linda said...

When Jacob took off his shirt I was definitely drooling. When Edward took off his shirt, I hoped he'd put it back on! Jacob is definitely my choice!

Krystyn said...

Still waiting to see it!

And, KS as Bella drives me crazy! Crazy!